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YFA 2649



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Made by a Sheffield filmmaker, this is a short film about Ryedale's Rievaulx Abbey, Bolton Priory, and Wharfedale's surrounding countryside.

Title-Galleon Pictures Presents, Ryedale and Wharfedale.

Title-Produced by K.G. Tofield

The film opens with shots of cherry blossom trees, a bright blue sky, and a river in the background.

Title-Ryedale and the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey.

There is more footage of the Abbey taken from a distance so that the countryside is visible all around. The shots are taken from different angles.

Title-The Abbey was founded in 1132

Interior shots of the Abbey, including shots of archways and pillars. A woman walks among the ruins.

Title-Its life went on for 400 years, until the dissolution of the monasteries it fell into decay.

There are more shots of the woman wandering around inside and outside of the Abbey.


Next is a river scene with shots of a wide stream, the pebbles and trees on the bank. Following on from this is an old cottage surrounded by trees on one side. There are many shots with a good view of the town which has little streets and cottages.

Title-The lovely wooded vale of the Wharfe.

Large trees stand in the middle of a big field which contains some sheep. There are numerous shots of a waterfall in the middle of a wooded area.

Title-Deep in the woods is the narrow rocky chasm of the Strid.

A woman dressed in black stands on the rocks beside a fast-flowing stream which flows down through rocks and out of sight.

Title-During the course of years, the water has scooped out large pot- holes in the rock.

A young woman climbs into one of the pot holes and looks back at the camera

Title-After its wild rush down the Strid, the river flows gently onwards...

There are more shots of the river and the trees.

Title-To the stepping stones.

The next shot starts with a small bird hopping along the stones and then moves onto the woman walking across the river using a long line of stepping stones.

Title-In this peaceful valley are the ruins of Bolton Priory.

The film closes with lingering shots of the Abbey taken from different angles.

Title-The End.