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YFA 1807



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Made by Laurie Wright, this film takes a closer look at Wharfedale and its many scenic attractions.

Title - An Argoth Production
Awarded the Harold Bates Cup in Bradford Cine Circle Annual Competition 1951

Title - Wharfedale

Intertitle - High on the Pennines is Beckermonds where Oughtershaw Beck . . .

A group of geese are sitting in front of a stone house near a river, with a bridge going over it and with lots of exposed stones.

Intertitle . . and Greenfield Beck unite to become the Wharfe

The two becks flow into one another.

Intertitle - The graceful old pack-horse bridge at Yockenthwaite

A farmer and his dog is shepherding sheep over the bridge. In a nearby field are new-born lambs. The sheep are put into a pen and sheared. The farm workers gather up the wool.

Intertitle - Hubberholme Church, founded many centuries ago by Hubba, the Dane.

The church is shown on the far side of the River Wharfe.

Intertitle - Kilnsey nestles below its famous crag.

A row of houses in the village are shown with the crag behind. In a yard there are turkeys. There is a road sign for Grassington, and a large stone bridge over a river. Some of the old village houses are shown and there is a busy street and more houses. The village square is busy with people and cars.

Intertitle - Grassington turns out in force to welcome it's (sic) finest train for 10 years!

A large crowd of people watch as a steam loco pulls a passenger train out of the village.

Intertitle - Linton-in-Craven, the Dale's bonniest village

A swan swims under a pack-horse bridge over the river, and just in front of that some people walk over a clapper bridge. A man and two women sit outside what light be a pub (the 'Arthur Cignall'?) having a drink. There is a large house and people walk over the pack horse bridge.

Intertitle - Linton's lovely little 12th century church

A boy walks up some steps near the church, which is seen, and then some falls on the river.

Intertitle - the Wharfe at Burnsall

The village is seen in the distance, with a field of cows in the foreground, separated by the river and the bridge going over it. More of the surrounding countryside is shown.

Intertitle - Barden Tower erected by Henry, Lord Clifford in the 16th century

The tower is shown in the distance and from various vantage points.

Intertitle - The Strind, a death trap to the fool-hardy who attempt to jump across

The Strind is shown at a narrow stretch of the River Wharfe where there is a waterfall with slippery rocks on either side. A group of women stand near the river looking at the waterfall and the turbulent river. The river is shown again upstream where it is quieter.

Intertitle - Bolton Priory built in the 12th century by Augustinian Monks

The Abbey is shown and people are picnicking by the river. A man and a woman walk over the stone steps going across the river. More visitors wander around the ruins, with a close up of the door with elaborate metal hinges, and other features. Several cars drive off.

Intertitle - The Old Tithe Barn

The barn is shown, and nearby the entrance with 'Telegraph Office, Bolton Abbey Post Office', written above. There is a public telephone and tea garden. A man comes through a gate with a basket on his shoulder.

Intertitle - Ilkley, perhaps the Dale's most famous town

A car is parked near the church and people are crossing the street, with traffic going through the town centre. There is a bridge over the river, with two boys out on a rowing boat. There is another steel bridge going over a street near a roundabout, and the town is seen from up above on a hill.

Intertitle - Cow and calf rocks on Ilkla Moor (Baht 'at!)

A man and a boy stand on the edge of a high rock, the 'cow' rock. A man stands in front of a large rock, the 'calf' rock (looking very speckled). The two rocks are then shown together from a distance.

Title - The End