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YFA 2147



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This film contains footage of the towns of Wetherby and Helmsley, showing many of their buildings and roads surrounding the town centres. The second part of the film is a record of a holiday taken in Ireland, 1980.

The film begins with views of the river at Wetherby. There are close ups of a waterwheel/sluice gate and a large stone bridge. The film continues with shots of the car park with a large gas tank in the background. There are shots of buildings in the centre including shops and hotels. Cars are parked near the curb, and there is footage of the various streets in the city centre. Some pedestrians are visible along with cars and shop fronts. There is a shot of a signpost to Harrogate and Doncaster.

Shots are then taken from inside the car as it drives to Helmsley. They arrive at the North Riding county Library - Helmsley Branch. A woman gets out of a car and walks towards a building. The foundation stone reads, "This stone was laid by The Duke of York June 27th 1900. Following this are panning shots of the surrounding buildings and roads around the market square in Helmsley.

Title - Ireland 1980
Sign - The Falls Hotel

The rest of the film documents a trip to Ireland. It includes scenic countryside views as well as footage of the neighbouring towns. The family also visit the coast during their trip.

Title - The End