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YFA 5112



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This is a film made by Dorothy Langshaw of a trip to Bridlington by the children of Westfield Infants School in York, where Dorothy was the Headmistress.  It is accompanied by songs, piano music and sound effects, and has illustrated intertitles.

The film begins with the sea lapping onto a rocky beach, followed by a page from ‘Winnie the Pooh’, and the title, ‘the day of the wind’.  A group of school children are sitting with their bottles of drinks, sheltering between sand dunes on a beach.  They then play on the beach as a girl reads from ‘Winnie the Pooh’, followed by wind sound effects.  A girl makes a pattern in the sand and two boys help drag a fishing line in to the accompaniment of the sound of seagulls.

Intertitle – the day of the helicopter

A party of school children and Headmistress looks down onto a pond with some ducks and ducklings, and they are then back on the beach with buckets and spades digging holes in the sand and paddling in the sea.  A helicopter flies overhead.  They then have a lunch break sitting on the grass which is growing on the sand dunes.   Afterwards they return to play in the sand and sea.  One boy has a model boat.

Intertitle – the day of the fishermen

A fisherman casts a net out into the sea while the children continue making sand castles, to the accompaniment of the theme music to the television series, ‘The Onedin Line'.  Eventually the children get onto their coach for the return journey.

The End