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YFA 336



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of walking holiday he takes with a friend in Norway.

Title - Norwegian wanderings

Intertitle - packing isn't so bad if you know where everything is, and nobody interferes, but. .

Rachel, Chislett's small daughter, comes into the living room and puts on her father big walking boots.

Intertitle - The prospect of eighteen hours at sea detracts from the beauty of the wind-blown trees

After seeing some wind-blown trees they board a train which takes them to the docks, passing the Bergenske Line building. They board a passenger ferry, which is towed out, and set sail from Newcastle; waving as they pass the pier and lighthouse.

Intertitle - Next morning the cabin is full of the whisperings of clothes, as they swing on their hooks, and also, fortunately, sunshine

After a long journey they arrive at Stavanger-Bergen and take a boat trip along the coast.

Intertitle - Six hours after leaving Stavanger-Bergen

They arrive at Bergen.

Intertitle - Bergen harbour is always busy, especially in the morning

The harbour is filled with large ships, and an engine backs onto a train at Bergen railway station. They take the train, passing lakes, and arrive at Voss. The train moves off, whilst they stay at accommodation overlooking a valley. A Chislett's walking partner goes walking in the area. They film the local farmers.

Intertitle - After the usual "catch as catch can" breakfast, we walk down the narrow valley to Gudvangen

There is busy canteen at the accommodation, and then they are out again in the mountains. They pass a tall perpendicular rock, and women drying straw on wooden fences. They stop to look at a waterfall and goats. Some workers are dislodging rocks as they walk along a river at the valley bottom where cows and sheep graze.

Intertitle - Inland from Stalheim the road winds besides the river towards a lake, four miles away

They pass hay stacks and a school, before going onto the lake on a rowing boat.

Intertitle - The surplus trout catch is dried

The trout is hung up on a ceiling to dry.

Intertitle - Next day we leave Stalhiem for Balholm

They load their luggage onto a car and set off driving.

Intertitle - A slight impression of the descent to the valley

They film the descent down the winding mountain road from the front of the car, until they come to the sea where they board a boat and journey around the fjords.

Intertitle - We change steamers at Balholm en route for Skei, via Vadheim

Their boat docks and they drive off, stopping at the Vadheim Hotel, before taking a coach.

Intertitle - A chance for intelligent suggestions

A group have gathered around the open bonnet of the coach. There is a sign for the Hotel Skei.

Intertitle - At Skei it rained . . Hard . . For some days

They show the nearby terrain after the rain.

Intertitle - When you go ploughing you have a crane handy for the stones

A small tripod lift stands in a field, near to some horses.

Intertitle - Skei is justly famous as a fishing hotel

A group go out fishing in a couple of rowing boats.

Intertitle - One man caught 200 mountain trout in ten days. We didn't.

A fisherman casts out over the lake from his boat.

Intertitle - Next morning they do it again

The group set out again in a rowing boat.

Intertitle - We start for the glacier travelling the first few miles by car, we find that the rain has not improved the road.

With mountain goats looking on, they have to walk along the road clearing it of rocks that have fallen down with the force of the running water.

Intertitle - The path leads up a valley with sides of glacier-polished rock

The rocks are filmed close up, showing the weathering and the water pouring down over them.

Intertitle - and this . .

A man walks between the rocks, and looks down from high up onto the mountain side covered in streams of water, forming large waterfalls. At the bottom there is more fishing. Cars are packed with luggage ready for the next stage of the journey.

Intertitle - This view inspired the picture on the 30 krone Norwegian stamp

There is a view of the lake with a church stood on the side. Cars are hoisted onto a boat, and they set off again.

Intertitle - Porpoise break water all around us, but never in the right place

They film across the water, with a porpoise coming to the surface in the distance.

Intertitle - At times the channels are little wider than the ship

The ship goes through a narrow pass and into the wider sea. They pass several rocky islands.

Intertitle - After the glory of the sunset has died from the sky, we steam through a silver sea, set with jet black islands dotted here and there with fairy-like navigation lights of red and green . . Till the lights of Bergen, on her seven hills, come into sight: a picture beyond the scope of any camera

They film in the dark, just making out the lights on the shore.

Intertitle - In the morning Bergen wakes to life and colour. There is a busy fishing market, weighing and selling fish, and a market selling flowers and wooden toys. The harbour is also busy with many large ships.

Intertitle - At Gudvangen a big liner is at anchor

Some small boats draw up to the small coastal village, with the liner moored further out. People drive around on horse pulled carts. Passengers from the liner arrive brought ashore by a small boat flying a Nazi flag. A local woman boils her washing in large wooden tubs and hangs it out to dry. They feed some mountain goats and watch as the boat returns to the liner.