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YFA 60



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This is a film by Charles Chislett of a family holiday in Western Norway.

Intertitle - The joy of a sunny morning at Stalheim with the smell of wood smoke in the air has to be experienced to be believed.

The film begins with a view over mountains and women working in the fields stacking hay onto posts. On the mountainside there is a house and a wooden sign 'Nau-Jordai'. The haystacks attached to the posts can be seen in a field from above. There are waterfalls going into a river with tall flowering rock plants blowing in the breeze. A rambler, possibly Charles Chislett, walks through a forested area carrying a knapsack. The rambler is filmed from several points on his walk, occasionally stopping to admire the surrounding scenery. Higher up there are glaciers and mountain sheep. The rambler sits on a rock by a turbulent river with a waterfall. The rambler ascends a wooded hill. More mountains are shown together with a small lake. The film looks down on a cluster of buildings in the valley below. The rambler continues to climb into an icy area and down a rock side.

There are small white flowers growing between the scree, and expansive scenery. The rambler climbs up the scree near ice. Around are lakes and mountains. He stops to peel an orange whilst seated by a lake.

A small boat crosses the lake, and the film continues whilst on board a boat, filming the surrounding mountains and the sunlight playing on the surface of the water. The funnels, masts and ropes of the boat are filmed. They pass two wooden houses on shore.

Intertitle - With the glory of the mountains in our hearts, we reach Bergen in time to catch . . .

At Bergen Harbour men are working on the docks. One ship has smoke coming out of its funnel with a cargo of tea chests on the dock. Other boats include one named 'Venus', which is having a car hoisted up onto it. On aboard the boat passengers are leaning on the railings, waving and chatting, one man looking through binoculars. Bergen is shown as the ship pulls away.

Intertitle - After the rain - sunshine and glittering seas

As they approach Newcastle they pass another boat as the sun reflects on the sea, and the film comes to an end.