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YFA 2629

WEST YORKSHIRE SUMMER 1969, 1970, 1972 &1977


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Part of the Garratt Collection, this is a well shot film documenting different railway journeys in the Yorkshire region. Intertitles are used throughout the film to identify the different destinations.

Title - A GaG Super Cine Production
Filmed in Glorious Kodachrome II
Produced by G.A. Garratt
R&ER West Yorks Summer Outing 12 July 1969

The Humber Ferry & Lincolnshire Light Coast Railway

The film opens at Hull as the Humber Ferry departs. Shots are taken from the deck of the ferry, and other passengers can be seen as well as the docks and other boats out in the water. Following this are shots of the railway line and different cars which are not being used for transport.

Title - R&ER West Yorks Summer Outing 24 Aug 1970
The Derwent Valley Light Railway

There are many long shots are taken of the station before the Garratt films the passing landscape from the train. Houses can be seen from the moving train as well as manually opened gates and crossings which the train passes and it gets nearer to different towns. There are different engines in the rail yard, and one of the engines pulls up to the platform.

Title - R&ER West Yorks Summer Outing 1973
Newby Hall near Ripon

A sign hangs over the entrance to the miniature railway. Many people are gathered for the fun, children and adults both on board. The journey is shown from the moving train, and lots of steam comes from the engines chimney at the front. The train pulls up to the platform, and the miniature engine switches directions on the turntable.

Title - R&ER West Yorks Summer Outing 3 July 1977
Stapleford Park

Scenes at the park in Leicestershire show the fun people are having on their model railway. There are many views of the park and lake as the train makes its way along the tracks. The film ends with more views of a small engine with no carriages. It is driven by three men through the hilly countryside.

Title - The End gag