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YFA 3501



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Despite the title, this film shows several interesting places in the North Riding of Yorkshire during the early part of the 20th century.  Destinations include Richmond Castle and the Waterfalls at Aysgarth.  

Title – The West Riding of Yorkshire
York, the Minster, ancient walls and streets. 

The film begins with a western view of the York Minster.  In the foreground, a car can be seen coming towards the camera.  At the crossroads at the end of Lendal Bridge, a tram makes its way down Rougier Street.  From the shot set atop the city walls, pedestrians can also be seen in the street as well as a cyclist and horse-drawn carriage.  Groups of people also walk along the city walls.  Now in the Shambles, a boy makes his way down the narrow street and past a cart.   

Title – Waterfall at Hardraur [sic] Scaur.    

At Hardraw Scaur, the film shows a waterfall over a steep escarpment. 

Title – Richmond Castle and Panorama from the Summit of the Keep.  

The film shows the front of the Castle from ground level.  From the top of the castle, the village can be seen as well as the bridge which crosses the River Swale.   

Title – Old Water Wheel at Hawes. 

From the river, the large, working water mill is shown.  There is a bridge in the background as well as a boy who walks on stones at the shallow points of the river.    

Title – The Upper and Lower Waterfalls at Aysgarth.   

The falls at Aysgarth are seen from seven different locations, following the river as it flows fiercely over the falls.  The penultimate shot features a girl walking over the shallow rocks with the falls in the background.  The film ends with people walking along by the river.