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A Civil defence training film on rescue, first aid and transportation techniques, which shows a typical situation that may confront Civil Defences Corps in wartime or in peacetime.  The film was made by the West Hartlepool Civil Defence Corps some time between 1948 and 1968.

Title: West Hartlepool Civil Defence

Coat of Arms of Civil Defence Corps

Title: Civil Defence Corps. West Hartlepool Division

Title: Training Film No. 1

Title: Rescue, First Aid & Transportation


Produced by Civil Defence Committee, West Hartlepool. Civil Defence Officer T.A. Ramsay.

Directed: G R. Davison

Continuity: W. Davison

Lighting: W. Lawrence

Technical Advisors. Rescue: J. Yeoman

Cast: Casualty: P.C.Conner. Members of the Ambulance and Casualty Collection and Rescue Sections

Brief shot of members of the Ambulance and Casualty Collection and Rescue Sections climbing down ladder from the first floor of a farm or warehouse buildings.

A man lies beneath rubble, from collapsed building.

Two members of the Civil Defence Corps (C.D.C) rescue team, in full uniform, arrive at the scene. They begin to lift debris off the casualty.

One of the men unpacks items such as rope from his kit bag.

The two men clear the rubble from around the male casualty's legs.  They slide blocks of wood beside casualty to use as a lever, then lifting collapsed girders from the injured man's legs and body.

They carefully slide out the injured man, lift him and place him on a blanket to stretcher him away.

The injured man is carried into a room, and a stretcher bed is prepared by two female members of the Civil Defence Corps (C.D.C).

They examine the man's legs for injuries.  The man flinches.

Close-up of bloody gash in his leg.

One of the C.D.C officers examine's an arm and wrist.

Close-up of the injured man's face with sweaty forehead.

A female member of C.D.C. uses material to secure patient and dress leg wound.

A team of four lift the injured man on a stretcher.  He is carried on a stretcher to the waiting ambulance in the yard. Various shots of team loading injured patients on stretchers into ambulance, belts secured around the stretchers.