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YFA 2304



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This is a film made by Chapeltown dentist Willie Thorne of the glasshouses at Wentworth Woodhouse, a rarely seen stately home near Sheffield that has, at 606 feet, the longest facade of any house in England. The glasshouses themselves were used to cultivate and grow many exotic flowers and fruits.

Title - The Glasshouse

Title - Wentworth Woodhouse

The opening shot in this film shows the exterior of Wentworth Woodhouse - a grand stately home - from several different angles. The filmmaker then shows some visitors entering the large glasshouse. Inside the glasshouse various tropical flowers are captured.

Title - The bird of paradise plant.

An exotic orange flower comes into view as a centre piece of the glasshouse. This sequence then shows close ups of exotic plants and their blooming flowers. The filmmaker cuts between different sections of the glasshouse showing the different forms of horticulture which inhabit the building. Following this, there are fruit trees, and a man wearing a trilby inspects a vine of grapes. The film ends with some clear views of grape vines that grow across the glass ceiling.