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NEFA 21887



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A home movie of a family excursion around the Yorkshire Dales and Wensleydale taking in the Kilburn White Horse and a stall along a road selling cheese. The film also features views of a waterfall.

The film begins on a view of a white horse built in a hillside field, possibly the Kilburn White Horse. General views follow show the woods and fields on the hill opposite. A woman walking towards a white car parked on the verge of a road.

The film cuts to a small stone cottage built on an embankment cutting to a phantom car ride through a village. General views of stone houses and a church in the middle distance. The film changes to show the arch of a bridge in silhouette against a river with wooded banks in the distance.

General views of a river cascading over rocks, possibly Aysgarth in Wensleydale. This is followed by a view of hills taken from the roadside.  

A sign on a stall beside a road reads 'Cheese'. Two men talk as one picks up one the cylindrically shaped cheeses, Cars drive past along the road.

The film cuts to a river running through rocky cliffs and hills which leads to a waterfall plunging over a high edge. A closer view of the water as it falls in two streams onto the rocks below.

At the foot of the waterfall is a small cavern behind the falls where two figures walk.

The film cuts briefly to another waterfall shot, then to a stone house where two young men come out from the entrance. Above the doorway hangs a pub sign.

A general view follows of a of a moorland road, as a car, a Hillman Minx, drives off into the distance. The film ends on a general view of a broad valley.