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YFA 1806



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Made by Laurie Wright, this film takes a closer look at Wensleydale, the largest Dale in Yorkshire.

Title - An Argoth Production
Yorkshire Dales

Intertitle Wensleydale the largest Dale in Yorkshire

The film does a scan over the Dale, and the river.

Intertitle Wensley village gives the Dale it's (sic) name

The main street through the village is seen with a car parked in it. Someone enters a terraced house and a woman walks past pushing a bicycle. A man uses a water pump on the village green. In the background is the village church.

Intertitle 15th century bridge over the Ure

The bridge is shown at a distance and then closer up.

Intertitle Jervaulx Abbey

The Abbey ruins are shown.

Intertitle Birthplace of the famous Wensley cheese, first made famous by the Jervaulx monks

A middle aged man in hat and glasses is sat at a table. He opens a package of Wensley cheese, cuts a piece off and eats it with some cheese biscuits on a plate.

Intertitle A fine old fireplace, note the hook where pans were hung

A young man stands within a large fireplace, indicating where the hook is, shown close up. Other features of the Abbey ruins are shown.

Intertitle 13th century castle of Middleham

The ancient castle walls are shown from the inside. A man wanders around looking at the ruins. There is a field of cows, filmed close up.

Intertitle Castle Bolton where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned in 1569

The castle is shown in the distance with the River Ure.

Intertitle The Ure at Aysgarth

The waterfalls at Aysgarth are shown.

Intertitle After heavy rain

The waterfalls are briefly shown again with an increased current.

Intertitle Bain England's shortest river, 3 miles, a tributary of the Ure

The waterfall on the River Bain is shown.

Intertitle Hawes market town of the Dale

Hawes is seen from across the river, and then the town centre, where there are a couple of cars and a bus. A row of terraced houses have stone steps at the side.

Intertitle Hardrow Scaur, highest waterfall in Yorkshire, over 120ft.

The waterfall is shown from the front.

Intertitle Looking from behind the Fall

The waterfall is filmed again from behind the water as it falls, and then again from a distance.

Intertitle Buttertubs, peculiar limestone formations near Hardraw

A young man in breeches with a back pack sits and stands on the rocks. A waterfall in the river is seen with a stone bridge just behind. Nearby a flock of geese are feeding.

Intertitle Source of Ure

A small mountain stream is shown.

Intertitle Eden also rises near here at Hell Ghyl

A larger stream is shown cascading down the mountain rocks, and there is a steep gorge, from which emerges a walker.

Intertitle Hell Ghyl Bridge the Yorkshire, Westmorland boundary

The old stone bridge is shown.

Intertitle The Scottish Express entering Yorkshire at Aisgill Summit

The train races through under a bridge.