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YFA 5337



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This is a film of a large party on holiday in Wales as well as includes footage of a wedding. 

The film begins with a large group of people assembled on the steps of Leeds Town Hall on a sunny afternoon. 

Next, a mother and daughter are in their back garden. 

A Rolls Royce drives over the Menai suspension bridge, the journey which is filmed from the front seat.  This is followed by a line of cars also crossing the bridge. 

Next, there are model boats on a pond by the seaside.  This is followed by two men and two boys running across a beach, and members of the holidaying party out on hand propelled boats on the pond.  A boy carries his model boat across open grounds to the pond, and men play a game of bowls.

They next take a trip up the mountain railway to the top of Snowden.  They travel in an open carriage, and once at the top, they have a snow ball fight.  Back at their holiday village, they have a game of cricket, again go on a boating pond, and play a game in a field with a ball.  They drive to the coast, where they feed gulls with a peer in the distance.

The final section of the film features a wedding.  The newlyweds emerge from a church.  A reception follows, and the couple as well as their guests are seated for a dinner.  The film finishes with the married couple cutting the wedding cake.