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YFA 2397



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This film was made by an amateur filmmaker who was a farmer from Reighton, near Filey, North Yorkshire. This film features a family holiday in Wales that shows many good scenes of the areas through which they travel.

The film opens with scenes at a zoo showing many of the exotic animals held in captivity. Following this is a brief shot of a church followed by footage of water flowing over large rocks. The family stand on the stone bridge looking down at the fast-flowing river. Next are scenes of the surrounding countryside.

The family then gather together to pose in front of a house in the low afternoon sunlight. Following this is footage taken from the front of the care as the family maker their way to the next tourist destination. They stop briefly for a picnic. There is more footage taken of a country lane from the vantage point of the passenger's seat, and this is followed by more scenes at the zoo and an accompanying garden. This portion of the film ends with a shot of a castle.

The next scene feature's the filmmakers son playing on the beach, possibly at Filey. He plays in the sand before going on a pony ride.

The final section of the film takes place back at the filmmaker's farm where his daughter rides a horse through the field, and his son plays with a dog.