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NEFA 17665



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Home movie footage in the McQueen family collection of the weddings in Tynemouth of Jack Welford and Pat Peel, Olive McQueen’s childhood friend; the christening of their daughter in Monkseaton; and the wedding of Pam Reid to Leonard Vagg.

Jack and Pat Welford (nee Peel) leave a reception at the Park Hotel, Grand Parade, Tynemouth, and are standing with Jack’s mother, who wears black-rimmed spectacles, and other guests at the entrance. Jack and Pat stand outside a building after the wedding. They rush to the wedding car and are showered with confetti by bridesmaids. Guests are laughing in the background. Women relatives pose in their wedding hats after the wedding. The happy bride and groom are filmed through the windscreen of their car. A large crowd of people are outside the Park Hotel, including Olive McQueen. Later, in the garden of the McQueen’s home at Seafield View, Tynemouth, relatives and friends socialise, including Pat, May, Olive and friend, Marie.

Next, family and friends are seen with Pat Welford and baby prior to the christening of Heather Welford. There are general exterior shots of St Peter’s Church, Monkseaton. Various shots record family and friends after the christening. The scene closes with a portrait of the father and mother cradling the baby.

The final sequence records guests and family at Holy Saviours Church, Tynemouth, for the wedding of Pam Reid to Leonard Vagg. A young, curious girl watches over the church wall in the background. Pam arrives in a dark wedding dress and bouquet, on the arm of her father. The bride and groom stand at the church entrance. There are various shots after the ceremony of guests outside the church, the bride and family posing for photographs, the bride besides a car, and three men in formal suits outside the Park Hotel, where the reception was held.