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YFA 3360



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Made by Eric Bolderson, this is a film of his family and friends' weekend outing to Scarborough.

E B Productions Present

The film opens at dusk showing long shots of Scarborough's North and South Bays, showing the lighthouse and the marina and small boats that are sailing near to the harbour. In day time the bay is shown again with the Corona pleasure boats ferrying holiday makers around the coastline. Back on the crowded beach children and adults play together. The filmmaker's wife, children and their friends change into their swimming costumes before they run down to paddle in the sea. Later they are seen posing with lollies for the camera before they go on donkey rides across the sands.

The film then moves to the harbour edge where fishermen bring in catches of lobsters in pots. Nearby a man sells kippers, oysters and whelks from a van to a busy crowd. Children go on various rides at the amusement arcade. The film then moves on to show a stormy day before returning to show people playing at the beach and others walking along the promenade.