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YFA 3368



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This is a film by Eric Bolderson of a group of friends on a weekend outing to Scarborough.

Title - E B Productions Present, Week-End Travels 1957

The film opens with a group of people getting onto a coach, and being seated. The coach party stop off en route for refreshment before carrying on. On arrival in Scarborough, they disembark from the gold and chrome coaches and go to a restaurant for lunch. There is a view over a row of cars overlooking the North Bay.

They clamber over the railings onto the beach on the South Bay, with the Ballroom behind them. Two men mess about putting up a deckchair. They all play in a ball game, and there is some mock wrestling. Children are playing in the sand, people are sitting in deckchairs, and other people swimming in the sea. The men all pose in a big group for the camera, and do some wheelbarrow races.

The final sequence shows the group return to the coach and the journey back to Castleford.

Title - The End,

There is also a brief scene of a man from the trip who is asleep on the sofa.  He is awoken by another man with a Christmas bell decoration.