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NEFA 21524



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Compilation of amateur footage that documents Newcastle & District Amateur Cinematographers Association (ACA) outings to the seaside town of Portpatrick at Easter, 1934, and the Yorkshire Dales in 1935.

Title: Week End at Portpatrick April 1934

Two farm labourers load hay onto a horse-driven cart. Two cars are parked on the roadside outside a farmhouse.

General view of the landscape around the Rhins.

Two women in identical fur coats and a gentleman in a 3-piece suit and trilby hat walk out of a wooden building, the man feeling his chin. General view of the wooden building in front of mountains. The group examine their car.

A farmer ploughs a field using a two-horse plough.

General view of a Scottish town with a market square clock tower (not Portpatrick). A car is parked roadside as a steam engine passes.

The Newcastle ACA group enjoy a picnic in a field. A woman in a low-cut dress blows up a plastic bag and bursts it, laughing. Close-up of the picnic on the grass. The friends eat and drink tea. Low-angle shot of three of the ACA group rolling eggs down a hillside. Close-ups follow of the eggs. The friends begin to pack up the picnic.

General view of the house that the ACA members are staying in. Each one opens a window at the house simultaneously and lean out, staged for the camera. Portrait shots of three women and three men on the trip.

General views of Portpatrick harbour and village clustered amidst steep cliffs. Overhead shot of a sheltered, rocky bay, possibly Maidenhead Bay. Shot of a flag in the wind. General view of Killantringan Lighthouse, overlooking the Irish Sea. General view of a whitewashed cottage with a thatched roof. The two women with identical fur coats are eating ice creams from a shop there.

[Colour footage - faded]

A motorcycle and sidecar drive along a village road. A woman plays with her scruffy dog in a garden.

The next sequences may have been filmed during a trip to the Yorkshire Dales. A group of friends walk out of a hotel together. Various shots follow of them in a graveyard, looking around ruins, walking through a corn field, climbing on the rocks next to a river. The friends chat together. A couple are seated on a branch hanging over the river, bouncing up and down. The other women in the group watch them and relax beside the river. General views of a waterfall, which may be Aysgarth Falls. The friends appear next to the falls.

General view of the Golden Lion Hotel as a coach pulls up outside. Cars are parked down a high street, Milner Gents Outfitter in the background. The friends are getting ready to leave.

Close-ups of flowers. A woman in a headscarf is on a sun lounger, knitting.

General view of a fast-flowing river overhung by trees.

Shot of an ACA flag. The ACA men are enjoying a game of cricket in a grassy clearing, the cars parked nearby. The women are relaxing on the grass together. Five of the women ACA members lounge on blankets on the ground. One of the women is Doris Graham. Group portrait of the ACA men and women on the trip, as two of the men throw hoops over the wickets. A toddler in shorts stands in the sunshine. One of the women throws a hoop in a game, the car parked nearby flying an ACA flag. The toddler and a little boy play on the grass, the boy wrestling a hoop away from his mother. The mother runs after the toddler. The group play a game with the hoop.

Two women and a man carry tea past a long line of parked cars in a field. A large group of ACA members have a picnic and lounge in the sun. One of the men pretends to drink from two large jugs. Three of the women are preparing to leave, the toddler sprawled on the passenger seat of a car.  General view of a river in dappled sunlight.