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YFA 5678



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This is one from a set of films from the Baron family of Leeds made by Jewish tailor and amateur filmmaker, Alec Baron.  This film shows two weddings:  Jon and Rita and Haddarah and Syd on 5th August, 1963.  Between the two weddings there is a family trip to London on 25th July.

The film begins in the home of the bride.  There is a group of family members, including some children, present.  The bride, dressed in her wedding gown, is laughing, and some of the children are wearing bridesmaid dresses.  The bride poses with her mother, while her father dons a small square black hat.  The family members mill around in good spirits until the film switches to show the bride arriving at the synagogue.  There is a brief section of film of the ceremony taking place within the synagogue (under exposed film).  The newlyweds then leave the synagogue and get into a waiting car, followed by the guests.

At the reception the newlyweds chat with the guests.  A man makes a speech and hands the newlyweds a document.  This is followed by another man making a speech and then the groom.  The guests then go up to a long table where they select from the buffet before taking their seats.  Many of the guests are filmed close up, and the married couple pose for photographs with the family.  Some of the guests, including the newly married couple and the children, dance, doing “the twist”, followed by a waltz.  Afterwards the married couple, now out of their wedding dress and wearing cowboy hats, get into a car and are waved off.

The next section of the film features a family day out in London, with children feeding the pigeons in Trafalgar Square.  They are next seen looking over the Thames near Tower Bridge and then at Westminster.

The last section of the film documents a second wedding, with the bride wearing glasses.  Again we are in the home of the bride, with the bridesmaids being made up and other members of the family milling around.  The bride arrives at the synagogue, and again there is a brief section of film of the ceremony within the synagogue.  Following the ceremony, the newlyweds pose at the door of the synagogue, the groom in a top hat, and get into a waiting car.  The guests remain outside chatting, many shown close-up.  The film switches again to a back garden where some children are playing:  one very young child is in a playpen, a small girl is in a toy car, and a slightly older boy is on a tricycle, with the parents in attendance.