Film ID:
NEFA 21972



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An amateur film produced by John Dixon of the wedding of Susan and Peter Goodwin at The Church of St John the Baptist in the village of Quebec, County Durham. The film begins with guests arriving at the church including the bride and her father. Following the service, the film shows the happy couple being directed for their official wedding photographs while other wedding guests stand around watching.

The film begins with a general view of The Church of St John the Baptist in the village of Quebec in County Durham. A noticeboard in the churchyard reads ‘The Church of St John the Baptist. Parish of Hamsteels’.

The film cuts to show well-dressed of men, women and children walking through the churchyard into the church. The wedding car pulls up along the road outside. The film cuts to show the bride dressed in white walking into the churchyard. She poses with her father for the photographer. The wedding party including the bridesmaids in scarlet stand in the entrance of the church waiting to go inside for the service. The sequence ends with two children standing at the entrance to the churchyard watching proceedings.


The bride, groom and family members are organised by the photographer while other members of the wedding party stand around chatting. The bride and groom stand together, the bride holding a bouquet. General views show people standing outside the church, then the film cuts to the bride standing by herself in the church doorway.

Two small children run up to the bride and groom as they stand in front of the church door. The older child hugs the smaller one. The photographer speaks with the bride, groom and three other people after which the bride and groom walk away. The film ends with general views of the wedding guests standing around in the churchyard.