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NEFA 14516



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Part professional and part amateur film of the wedding of Miss M. Barnes & Mr G.L.R. Collins at St George’s Church in Jesmond, Newcastle in 1938.

Title: The Wedding of Miss M. Barnes and Mr G.L.R. Collins took place at St. George Church, Jesmond, on July 30th 1938.

The film opens on the wooden notice board for St. Georges church.

There is a view of the tower panning down to the green in front of the church where a number of small children are playing.

Wedding guests arrive and go into the church.

A car drives up. A man holds open the passenger door as a woman steps out.

More guest arrive and go into the church.

The groom and best man step out of a car. They pose for the camera and a speak with the camera person before heading into the church.

More guests arrive and head into the church. A woman holding a large bouquet step out of a taxi. She stands beside the car as another woman pays the driver.

A family arrives including a young boy wearing a kilt.

Four bridesmaids in pink and green dresses step from two car carrying large bouquets. They all pose for the camera alongside the flower girl who is also wearing a pink dress.

More guests followed by twelve choir boys walk into the church.

A man and woman pose for the camera beside a car before heading into the church.

More female guests arrive at the church by car. They are all carrying large bouquets.

The bride is helped from a car by her father. A woman hands the bride a wedding bouquet. She and her father pose for the camera in the doorway before turning and heading into the church.

The flower girl in a pink dress and holding an ornate basket poses for the camera in the church doorway.

Title: Mr & Mrs Collins for the first time.

A crowd of onlookers stand in front of the church as the bride and groom come out. They pose for the camera before being joined by the bridesmaids and flower girl.

The bride leans out of a car window a speaks to someone of camera. Th car drives away.

Title: The reception was held at the Gordon Hotel, Clayton Road, Jesmond.

A large hanging sign advertises the "Gordon Hotel".

There is an exterior view of the rear of the hotel showing the patio area and garden.

Wedding guests and bridesmaids arrive and walk into the hotel via the patio doors.

The bride and groom comes out of the hotel into the garden to pose for more wedding photographs. They are joined first by the bridesmaids and flower girl and then members of the bride and grooms families.