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NEFA 14604



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An amateur home movie compilation filmed by Ruth Jacobson that includes scenes at a wedding in Manchester in 1951, the children playing in snow on New Years Day 1952, the daughter, Pamela's birthday party, and various occasions with their pets. The film includes scenes in Harrogate with other members of the Jacobson family and a holiday in Edinburgh.

Title: At Wedding, Manchester 1951

The film opens on a child looks out of a window. Outside a man waits beside a wedding car. The bride, wearing an orange cloak and holding a bouquet, stands with her father outside the church next to a car. She poses in front of a car and is joined by three older woman. She and another woman get into the car. Next, the bride and five other women walk past camera and then pose for their portrait. A man in a formal morning suite collects camera film from the driver of the large car. The bride and groom come out of church. Another shot shows them in the wedding car. Three bridesmaids pose for the camera in the church doorway.

Title: New Years Day in the Snow 1952

At the family home in Newcastle three girls build a snowman and have snow a ball fight. A fourth girl joins them sledging in the street. A boy throws snow balls.

Title: The Harrogate Jacobson’s

Two men in suits sit in deck chairs and chat. There are shots of a man and woman in the driveway of a house. A couple watch a girl play tennis in the street. There are portrait shots of a woman, and a girl and boy in school uniform.The boy plays with a toy gun in a garden. A girl teases the pet cat with a piece of string. There are shots of the garden.Three children then pose for the camera.

Title: Timmy & Family, Edinburgh

General views around Edinburgh Castle and its visitors. A solider is on guard at the entrance. The film cuts to Princes Street Gardens next to the Scott Memorial where three children pose for the camera while in the background trams and other traffic move along Princes Street.

Title: Valerie with Mickey, 1953

A girl walks a dog on a lead around a garden. She then plays with the dog on the lawn.

Title: Pam & Malcolm

General views of a young girl on a bicycle riding away from the family home. A boy is playing with a toy rifle in the garden.

Title: Pam’s Birthday, Guests with Mickey

A woman holds a black cat followed by a group of girls standing in a doorway; one of the girls is holding a dog. All the girls then pat and stroke the dog. A boy bowls a cricket ball. A girl is holding a bicycle. The film ends with a shot of the boy and the girl playing with a bell on a bicycle.