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YFA 132



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This film documents the wedding of Miss Mary Margaret Newsholme of Oakworth to Mr. Roland Oswald Inman of Heaton at Keighley Parish Church, July 8th, 1939. The film includes footage of the guests and the bridal party arriving at the church as well as footage of the reception at The Withens following the ceremony.

Title - At Keighley Parish Church July 8th 1939
Title - The Wedding of Miss Mary Margaret Newsholme of Oakworth to Mr. Roland Oswald Inman of Heaton
Title - Guests arriving at the Church.

Guests, all quite well dressed, begin to arrive at the church. They all make their way under a canopy to the entrance of the church. Many of the ladies are in hats, some wear fur coats, and many of the men wear top hats. Some guests are lined up at the side of the entrance. There is a brief shot of one of the still photographers who also stands by to photograph everyone arriving.

Title - Leaving "The Withens" for the Ceremony.

Four bridesmaids make their way down a covered path towards a waiting car. They are all dressed in long, periwinkle dresses and carry pink, peach, and rose coloured flowers in large bouquets. The bridesmaids get in the car and are taken to the church. Next, the bride makes her way to another car which has pulled up. She, along with her parents, is taken to the church.

Title - The Bridesmaids arrive closely followed by The Bride.

The bridesmaids enter the church where the priest waits in the doorway. They pause for a moment to allow the photographer to take a picture. The bride, along with her father, follows shortly thereafter and enter the church.

Title - "The Happy Hour"

The clock on the tower reads nearly 2:40pm, and it is pouring with rain. There are a few shots of the exterior of the church, and there are still people who wait near the canopy while the ceremony takes place, and there is also a policeman who stands guard.

Title - "Here Comes the Bride"

The newlyweds exit the church. They stop and pose for a picture before getting into a car which will take them to the wedding reception. Following them are other members of the wedding party who get into different cars to be taken back to the reception as well. Ushers carrying umbrellas stand by.

Title - Back to "The Withens" for the Reception.

Cars arrive at The Withens, an there is a maid other hired help who stand buy to aid the newlyweds and wedding party to get out of the cars. A receiving line has been set up, and the newlyweds and their parents have a meet-and-greet as the guests arrive. At the reception, there is a large refreshments table, and the marquee has been decorated with large, lavish floral arrangements. . The bride and groom ceremoniously cut the cake, and the reception continues with speeches and general merriment.

Title - The Toast! "To the Bride & Bridegroom"

Everyone raises their glasses in a toast. Following this, the groom makes a speech, and there are shots of the gift table.

Title - And once again... "Good Luck to the Happy Pair."

In a car, the newlyweds are driven away from the reception.

Title - The End.
Title - A Cinique Ltd. Production