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YFA 259



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A film made by Kathleen's father featuring the wedding of Kathleen Cole and the christening of her baby.

(B & W) The film opens with the notice board of St. Kentigern Church Crosthwaite, Keswick, detailing times of the Sunday Services, before the church itself is shown. The vicar is shown standing in the front of the church, and then Kathleen and her husband pose outside the church with family and friends. The groom walks towards the camera carrying another camera. The newlyweds then drive off, and others get into cars.

The film then switches to a woman (Kathleen?) standing next to a car parked on a country road with a lake in the background. Next, Kathleen, her husband and parents are down by the lake. Then Kathleen is in a room holding her baby, and together with her husband they come out of a house and place the baby in a pram. They are joined by others and make their way to the church (the Parish Church of St Mark, Low Moor) for christening. Various people in attendance pose for the camera holding the baby. A group then return back to the house, where they again pose for the camera. On a country lane Kathleen, her husband and parents pose for the camera with the baby. They buy some refreshments from a roadside caf?.

(Colour) In a field, the family group huddle around the baby for the camera. Back at the house Kathleen emerges with her baby and places it into a pram. Next Kathleen's mother is with the baby in a park. A sign flashes up with '9 ? Months'. They feed the ducks and the film comes to an end.