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Amateur home movie in the collection of Middlesbrough filmmaker Tom H. Brown, filmed by Brown family members and Frank Joyner. It records Tom H Brown's wedding to Kate Elizabeth Spittle on 12 August 1931 at St Barnabas' Church, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough, where they were married by Reverend J. W. Dales. Tom and Kate Brown also record their honeymoon in the South East of England. The film concludes with shots of waterfalls and rivers in Wensleydale and Ilkley, and with two sequences of air flight that feature the take off of an autogyro and the departure of Captain Barnard and his famous Fokker monoplane 'The Spider'.

Title: The Wedding of K. E. Spittle B.A. & T.H. Brown L.D.S 12.8.31

Title: His Ain Folk

Tom H. Brown’s family arrives at the church for the wedding. The wedding group includes his sister, Margaret Ann(Daisy), William and Mary Brown (Berwick), his father and mother, Tom and Mabel Brown.

Title: The Victim & The Groomsman

Tom Brown, his groom, Thomas Graham, and another man arrive by car at the church.

Title: The Vicar & The Best Man

The vicar Reverend J. W. Dales arrives at the church and is helped by the Best Man, Albert Riley.

Title: The Bridesmaids Arriving

A crowd is gathered at the gates of the church to watch the wedding. The bridesmaids, Miss Marjorie Askew and Miss Vera Whiting arrive and smile at the camera.

Title: ‘Er Arriving

There is a brief shot of Kate Spittle arriving at the church on the arm of her father, Samuel Spittle.

Title: ‘Im An ‘Er

Tom and Kate leave the church and confetti is showered over the married couple. The bridesmaids get into one of the wedding cars, while a large crowd watches outside the church. The bride and groom get into the wedding car, and are covered in confetti. Guests and onlookers watch from the street and from the church garden and porch.

Title: Vicar Dales

There is a brief shot of Reverend Dales talking to a man with a long white beard.

Title: The Honeymoon

Title: ‘Er In Bournemouth

Kate Brown gets on a coach in Bournemouth on her honeymoon.

Title: ‘Im

Tom boards the same coach heading for the New Forest. He poses for the camera, takes off his panama and puts it back on again.

Title: The New Forest

Title: Lyndhurst Wild Ponies

Kate Brown strokes wild ponies in the New Forest. Tom eats a sandwich on heath land in the New Forest. In the background there are ponies, small groups of people and a stone cross. The film cuts to Tom by the side of a road with a small bus parked in the background. He is again eating food. Two ponies nuzzle each other. Tom has finished his sandwich. The film cuts to a shot of a ventriloquist and dummy by the roadside.

Title: The Rufus Stone

Kate stands at the Rufus Stone, site of the death of King William the Second, near the village of Minstead.

Title: Beech & Oak Growing From Same Root

Kate walks into sunlight and stands under a tree that grew from beech and oak saplings. She waves at the camera. She then waves from the Charles Cars tour bus. There is a another shot of the oak and beech tree.

Title: The Meet of the Buckhounds

Various shots of the gathering of huntsmen and hunting dogs. Kate Brown strokes one of the dogs. Tom strokes two hunting dogs.

Title: The Hunt moves Off

The huntsmen and hounds move off, departing through a row of parked cars.

Title: Bournemouth Regatta 1931

Title: Shamrock V In Tow

A boat tows the Shamrock V sailing yacht heading for the Bournemouth Regatta.

Title: A Few Of The Yachts

Various shots of the yachts sailing in the Regatta.

Title: Ho Ho! Beach Pyjamas

Two women in a crowd of people beside a coach are wearing flamboyant patterned beach pyjamas.

Title: Bournemouth. The Pier

There is an elevated shot of the Boscombe Pier, near Bournemouth, in a stormy sea. People are walking on the cliff top promenade to the west of the pier. There are shots of a small busy resort, probably Boscombe Spa, pictured in windy weather. Kate Brown stands next to rowing boats on the beach beside Boscombe Pier. There is a general view of the windy beach with deckchairs and people at leisure.

Title: B.P.’s

A woman in a pair of fashionable beach pyjamas is playing ball with a man by the seafront.

Title: Bournemouth. A Gale In Alum Chine

There is a very shaky shot from the cliff tops of the Alum Chine beachfront panorama in high winds. Tom Brown stands on a cliff top path, smiles and waves at camera and fakes swimming against the wind. Kate Brown poses at a village green in windy weather. She then walks down a path beneath some very tall trees.

Title: Bournemouth. Durley Chine.

Elevated view from the cliff top of extremely long rows of parked cars on the road leading down to the beach at Durley Chine, near Bournemouth.

Title: Lulworth Cove. A Smuggler’s Retreat

Kate stands next to a sign that reads 'To The Cove & Car Park.' There are various views of the limestone rock formations and the panoramic sweep of the bay at Lulworth Cove.

Title: Bournemouth Traffic.

There are shots of a busy street in Bournemouth, filled with pedestrians and cars on the road.

Title: Beach Pyjamas

A group of women and a child walk across a busy street in Bournemouth. The women are dressed in fashionable beach pyjamas. There are good views of the buildings along the street.

Title: Southampton. Bargate

There is a brief shot of the main fortified gateway into Southampton, called Bargate. Tram lines run through the arch, cars and bicycles are on the road, and many pedestrians on the pavements.

Title: Southampton. On Board The ‘Empress Of Australia.’

Kate walks along the deck of the ocean liner RMS Empress Of Australia.

Title: Salisbury. The ‘George’ Inn

General view of the exterior of the medieval, black-and-white, wooden beamed Old George Inn, or Hotel, on Salisbury High Street.

Title: Salisbury. Cathedral Close There is a brief shot of the arch and fortified gate of Cathedral Close in Salisbury.

Title: Salisbury. The Cathedral There are general views of the exterior of the cathedral and of the spire.

Title: The West Front There are views of the façade of the West Front of the cathedral

Title: Niche Figures

Close-up of a stone tier with statues in niches at the West Front of Salisbury Cathedral.

Title: Stonehenge

Visitors move between the stones at Stonehenge.

Title: Note The Pegs On Tops Of the Vertical Stones

General view of the Stonehenge site with many visitors walking around the stones.

Title: Isle of Wight. Whippingham Church.

Title: Designed By Prince Henry of Battenberg

Vignetted shot of the exterior of St Mildred’s Church in Whippingham.

Title: Thatched Cottage nearby

A vignette effect is also used to open and close this brief sequence of a thatched cottage on the Isle of Wight.

Title: Isle of Wight. Ryde, A Lily Pond

Kate Brown splashes water towards the filmmaker from a fountain in Ryde. There are people sitting around the outer edge of the fountain area and the pier View Café shack on the seafront.

Title: A Close-Up Of Goldfish At Speed

Next, there is a shot of a goldfish swimming in a lily pond.

Title: Isle of Wight. Three Monks From Quarr Abbey.

Three monks in habits walk along a path near Ryde seafront, beneath pollarded trees.

Title: Isle of Wight. The Needles

TOverhead view of The Needles rocks.

Title: Bournemouth. The Pavilion

The sequence opens with shots of waterfall features and exterior balconies around the Pavilion, where many visitors are walking.

Title: Wensleydale. Hardraw Scar

Various shots of the waterfall and limestone gorge at Hardraw Scar, North Yorkshire.

Title: Ilkley. The Strid

Groups of people are standing on the banks of a narrow channel of the River Wharfe called the Strid, in Ilkley. There are several shots of the powerful flow of water through a narrow gorge, and of people standing at the edge of the gorge.

Title: An Autogyro

A man turns the propeller of an autogyro, a forerunner of the helicopter, which is about to take off from a field, possibly Foggins Field, Thornaby.

Title: Cpt. Barnard’s ‘Spider’

Various shots of the monoplane 'The Spider,' piloted by Captain Barnard, taking off from a field, with an industrial landscape in the background. The film closes with a shot of  the plane as it flies off into the sky.

Title: The End