Film ID:
NEFA 21971



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An amateur film of the wedding of John Dixon and Mavis Jackson taking place at All Saints Church in Lanchester, County Durham on the 7th September 1968. The film begins with the groom and best man arriving at the church followed by guests, bridesmaids and finally the bride and her father. Following the service, the wedding party poses for photographs for before leaving for the reception-taking place at the Freemason's Arms in nearby Consett where they are seen arriving and going inside. The film also shows inside the venue, but is very dark. The film ends with a woman working in a small kitchen.

The film opens with two men, the groom John Dixon and his best man, walking through the churchyard of All Saints Church in Lanchester. A couple enter the churchyard followed by two bridesmaids wearing matching yellow dresses with white bonnets. They pose for the camera in the doorway of the church each holds a small bouquet.

The bride in white and her father arrive. They stand in the gateway of the churchyard as the photographer takes their photograph. Behind a crowd watches proceedings. They walk through the churchyard and pose for photographs in the church doorway, the two bridesmaids stand to their left. The sequence ends with everyone going into the church.

The film cuts to show the bride and groom coming out of the church arm-in-arm. General views show the wedding party speaking with the photographer who organises them for photographs. The bride and groom pose in the doorway of the church, a young girl in a red dress hands something to the bride. A small boy and his mother approach and the bride speaks to the child. Photographs are taken of the happy couple.

A young girl in blue approaches the couple where the film cuts to show the wedding party standing nearby chatting. The bride is photographed on her own in the church doorway.

Two couples walk along a path beside the church followed by the couple and their families along with the bridesmaids who pose together for a photograph. The bride and her bridesmaids are photographed next. Nearby, the groom and best man read the wedding certificate. General views show the wedding party standing around chatting before leaving the churchyard.

The film cuts from a phantom car ride to a large car pulling up outside the Freemason's Arms on Front Street in Consett. The bride and groom get out and go inside. General views show other cars arriving and guest getting out and going inside the public house.

A view of the empty reception room shows tables set up and ready with a three-tier cake standing on the top table. Outside, guests get out of a yellow Venture bus and go inside. The film cuts back inside with the couple cutting the cake.

The film ends with a woman in a small kitchen pouring milk into a glass bowl.