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YFA 5143



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This is three films put together, featuring the wedding of Hazel and Michael Reuben on August 2nd 1972 in Leeds, and two family holidays:  one in France and Italy, and a second one in San Sebastian.

Title – Wedding Day

Guests and bridesmaids arrive at the synagogue on Chapeltown Road, next door to Enmoor Lodge, for the wedding, followed by the bride.  After the ceremony the newlyweds pose for photographs outside the synagogue and get into their waiting car.

Intertitle – The Reception

The newlyweds arrive at the reception and take their seat with the other guests before going on the dance floor.  They are followed by other couples and some children, with the band looking on.  Later they relax at tables, and then more dancing, this time more free style.

Title – The End

Title – Our Touring Holiday

The newlywed holiday makers take a boat trip on a river surrounded by vineyards on the hills.  They are passed by another large pleasure boat named ‘Vaterland’.  A castle stands on a hill above the river.  They pass a large building on the river undergoing renovation.  They visit some ski slopes, without any snow, with large steeped banks for the spectators, at the top of which stands the Olympic symbol (possibly Grenoble).  They stand on a platform looking out at a mountain range.  They then take a coach journey along winding mountain roads.  Next they are at the Coliseum in Verona and then at a lake in the Italian Alps before driving on again, filming the passing landscape.  They take a boat trip across a lake before the film comes to an end.

Title – The End

Title – Our Holiday in San Sebastian: Millie and Me

The film begins with a photo of the pair, and then them flicking through holiday brochures, stopping at the page for San Sebastian.  They are next on a coach travelling through France.  They arrive at a place where farmers are rounding up bulls on horseback, and then they are in a bullring.  A bull is let out and a matador on horseback toys with it with a sword, and plunges it into the neck of the bull.  Others follow doing the same.  The bulls chase the matador before it finally falls under having many swords in its back.  Then there is a bullfight, with again the bull having swords stuck into its back until it finally falls to the ground and is carried off by horses, dragging it across the ground.
Afterwards they are on the balcony of their hotel, with a view across the bay.  They walk around some streets and show the city at night as the film comes to an end.