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YFA 1374



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This film documents the royal wedding of the Earl of Harewood to Miss Marion Stein, with prominent wedding guests including the King and Queen, Princess Margaret, Prince Phillip and Princess Elizabeth. The BBC recorded this event with several cameras, and this reel was the first footage to be seen by the public; however, the later reel (1373, Harewood wedding) features more intimate camera angles and a short exert from the couples honeymoon.

Title - BBC Television Newsreel.

Title - Special edition.

Title - The wedding of the Earl of Harewood and Miss Stein.

The film opens with an exterior shot of the Saint Marks Church, North Audley St. London. From a raised position, the filmmaker captures the crowd lining the pavement as policeman on horseback patrol the lines. A small stream of wedding guests can be seen entering the church, and the next shot shows policemen struggling to hold the large crowds back. A news reporter, standing above the crowd, is being filmed by a BBC camera and the voice over remarks that this is Wynford Vaughan-Thomas.

The voiceover then switches to Wynford Vaughan-Thomas, who describes the church's architecture as the camera captures it. More shots of the crowd and people gathering outside the church's west entrance are accompanied by the voiceover stating that there is another camera directly outside the church, and that viewers will be able to see those pictures 'tomorrow night on television newsreel'. Policeman walk down the cleared street, and members of St. Johns ambulance attend to a woman who sits on the pavement.

Several cars and taxis pull up outside the church; the Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Elizabeth exit a car and enter through the vestry. The page boy then gets out, followed by the bridesmaids in glamorous white dresses. The mother of bride is then followed by the King, Queen and Princess Margaret, who also enter through the vestry. The bride is next, entering the church with her father and two other women who help carry her train.

The filmmaker then shows the crowd who have now also filled the east side of the pavement, and the voice over states that they 'stretch all the way to Grosvenor Square'. Close ups of the crowds show many woman using compact mirrors to get a good view, and there is also a man with what appears to be a homemade periscope. A shot then shows people sitting on a window ledge several stories up, and as the camera glides through the crowd there is a brief glimpse of some American sailors, who, according to the voiceover, are stationed at the American embassy in Grosvenor square.

The bride and groom then exit the church and stand beneath the canopy letting the photographers take pictures. They then enter their Royal Rolls Royce and drive off past the crowds. The bridesmaids and the page boy, Malcolm Forbes, enter a car, which according to the voiceover will take them to the reception at St. James's Palace.

The vicar and the usher stand beneath the canopy and say goodbye to the King, Queen and Princess Margaret. Once they have departed, other distinguished guests leave the church; first the bride's mother and father, who are then followed by Prince Phillip and Princess Elizabeth, and then finally the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester. The final shot shows the police removing their barricade and the crowds spilling out into the street to head inside the church.

Title -BBC Television Newsreel. The end.