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Home movie record of the 1963 wedding day of Middlesbrough dentist Tom H. Brown’s son, Tony T. Brown, to Beryl K. Dobson, shot by Tony’s godfather Frank Joyner. The couple then document their own honeymoon preparation and travel to Ireland for a camping holiday, via Northumberland and Scotland. The couple’s Austin Seven Mini car, a British icon of the 1960s, appears in several holiday sequences.

The first section shows family and friends arriving for the wedding ceremony of Tony T. Brown and Beryl K. Dobson at St. Mary’s Church, Nunthorpe. The bridegroom and best man, G. H. Braunton, arrive at the church in formal black suits. There are many exterior shots of the guests arriving at the church for the wedding. Kate and Tom Brown, parents of the groom, stop and pose for a photograph outside the church. The vicar, Reverend Cyril Kettle, greets a group of guests outside the porch to the church. The bride arrives at the church on her father’s arm. The vicar greets them. There is a close-up of the bride’s bouquet. The camera follows closely behind the bride and bridesmaid (the bride’s sister, Gillian Dobson) as they enter the church, focusing on the backs of the wedding dress and bridesmaid’s gown. There is a shot from the door of the church towards the altar where the bride and bridesmaid are standing. The wedding cars are parked outside the churchyard during the ceremony.

Next, there are various shots of guests and the bride and bridegroom outside the church after the ceremony, where they pose for photographs. The guests gather outside the church, many women wearing their wedding hats. The bridesmaid chats to younger children. The bride and her bridesmaid pose for a photograph. Family and guests pose for group portraits, including Tom Brown with the bride and bridegroom. The bride and bridegroom walk down the church path. They kiss. Rice confetti is thrown over the couple as they get into the wedding car. The bride and groom are pictured inside the car. They drive away down Church Lane. A boy pedals quickly after the car. A few guests run down the road after the car.

The next section documents preparations for the honeymoon. There are shots of the garage doors of their home covered with brown paper. A Sellotape roll is slung over the door handle. [Note: Tony Brown explained that this was to conceal the fact that the car was not in their garage but hidden at the Greens house, a precaution against the popular custom of secretly decorating a couple’s car for the honeymoon]. Beryl Brown closes the garage doors and locks them, brandishing the keys. In the next shot, Beryl runs out into a back garden to the couple’s blue Austin Seven Mini Traveller, carrying a large camping mattress. She tries unsuccessfully to stuff the mattress in the back of the car. A sign reads, 'Green 19' on their neighbours’ garage gates.

The final section of the film records their honeymoon holiday. There is a general view of The Plough Inn at Mitford, Morpeth, in Northumberland, where they spend their first night. Beryl emerges from a blue frame tent in a pair of striped pyjamas. Tony pumps water into containers from a very old outside pump. The film moves to Stranraer where we see a main street through an arch, a nearby thatched cottage, rock formations on the coast, and a local dairy cow with huge udder. There are various shots from the ferry from Stranraer to Larne across the Irish Sea, with Ireland in sight. The tent and car are at an Irish campsite. Beryl, in a striped 50s style dress, carries bedding. There is a close-up of a young boy from a nearby tent.

The couple spend time in Dublin. Traffic drives on a bridge over the River Liffey. A traffic policeman waves his white baton and directs the traffic, some men sitting nearby at a memorial. There are close-ups of street signs, including neon 'Cosmo Billiards Saloon' and 'Forte' signs, and a plaque with a harp and Eire lettering.

The tent and car are parked on a campsite by the side of a river, Beryl loading things in the car. A young girl from the campsite walks out of the tent with a camera slung over her shoulder and poses. Close-ups of food being prepared ends with bacon frying in a pan. There is an overview of the campsite and Galway Bay. Shots of Galway promenade and a street scene follow. An old woman sits in a jaunting car, or pony and trap. Produce is sold from a cart on the street. There is a reservoir and coastal view at Galway. A close-up shows Beryl catching fish, and fish in the water.

Next, there is a Customs sign. Beryl is at the tent in the campsite at Portrush, Northern Ireland. A small boy digs in the grass at the campsite. People are on the beach, promenade and in the waves at Portrush, by the Atlantic Ocean. The Arcadia Café sits on the seafront at Portrush. Close-up shots down onto the beach from the promenade show a woman in a 1950s style dress playing in the sand with a small girl, and a couple sunbathing together with the man in jeans and the woman in a 1960s off-the-shoulder chemise sun top and full, swing patterned skirt and sunglasses. A man (or woman?) is sprawled on his front sunbathing. A sign reads, 'Ramore Head Recreation Gds.' Shots of people bowling and playing tennis follow. Rowing boats are moored on water. A sign reads, 'Islander Motor Boat Trips Dunluce Castle & Skerry Islands.' Two boatmen stand on an empty boat called the 'Queen Elizabeth' moored in harbour. A busy Portrush high street is crowded with parked cars and shoppers. There is an elevated shot of Portrush Bay. A close-up of colourful flowers in bloom follows. A woman’s hand, with gold wedding ring, touches rock. The next shots are of the basalt rock columns of the Giants Causeway, and visitors moving about the rocks. Tony hikes along a path towards camera. Beryl poses against a rock. A general view shows cliffs beside the sea. Tony puts on his 1960s sunglasses.

Various shots from the Caledonian Princess ferry traveling between Larne and Stranraer follow. Beryl stands at the ship railings looking out over the sea. The ship is docked at Stranraer. The couple’s Mini Traveller is filled with petrol at a small country petrol station selling Esso. Beryl walks around Berwick-upon-Tweed town walls with her cousin Mabel, Mabel's husband Alec and daughter Susan. There is a shot of one of the protected gun positions around the fortress walls, known as flankers. Susan takes a photograph. There is a shot of the barracks, and the group walk down steps to the children’s playground. The film closes with a shot of Susan on a swing.