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YFA 5089



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This is a film from the Douthwaite Collection featuring a family wedding at St Peter and St Paul’s Church in Barny Dun, Doncaster.  The wedding is followed by the honeymoon in Jersey and London.

Title – You are invited to the wedding of Margaret Rosalie Ash with Geoffrey Bentley Douthwaite at St Peter and St Paul’s Church Barny Dun, 9th September 1953.
Camera  Norah E Douthwaite
Background  George W Douthwaite

The film begins showing guests arriving at the church, walking through the overgrown grave yard, followed by three bridesmaids.  Then the bride arrives.  She is accompanied by her father.  After the service the newlyweds pose in the entrance to the church, and there are further photographs with the bridesmaids and other guests.  They walk around the side of the church and are covered in confetti before they get into the waiting car.  They arrive at the Star Inn pub.  Inside guests are seated for the reception, and the newlyweds cutting the cake.  The guests then drink beer and other refreshment in the pub garden.  One elderly man is acting drunk.  

Intertitle –  Jersey

There is a view of the coast from a boat at sea.

Intertitle –  St Helier

The boat pulls in to land at the docks, and then an amphibian vehicle arrives on the beach from the sea.

Intertitle –  Elizabeth Castle

The newlyweds do a tour of the Castle, with Rosalie posing in an archway.  They then visit the docks, where coal is being unloaded.

Intertitle –  The Devils Hole

They take a walk up some cliff steps, visiting Devils Hole, with the original Devil stood in a doorway.  Next they drive along the coast, filming from the front of the vehicle, and visit a concrete defence building, before continuing their journey around the Island.  On a beach, George Douthwaite takes off his socks, with garters, and paddles in the sea.

Intertitle –  And so we say – Farewell!  The Needles IOW

They take a trip along the coast before the film switches to London show a crowd watching members of the Household Cavalry.

Intertitle –  The Thames to Kew

They next take a boat trip up the Thames, passing underneath Kingston Bridge and Putney Pier.

Intertitle –  The Thames to the Tower

They then take the return trip, heading towards Tower Bridge.

Intertitle –  And so home again

The front of the house, number 99, is shown, and the film comes to an end.