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YFA 1464



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This is a film of a wedding, followed by some general family scenes at home and on holiday by the sea.

The film opens with two women who are each pushing a pram and walking down a street. In the doorway of a building, there stands a bride and groom, surrounded by the wedding guests. A car pulls up and another wedded couple pose for the camera and kiss. The guests are larking about throwing confetti. Yet another wedded couple pose outside a church, and are joined by others for a photo shot. Some of the guests are shown in close up, one woman outside a house. There are two policemen with the guests. A small boy runs around a garden with an elderly woman.

Near the coast some people chat and pose for the camera where there is a ship in the background (the writing on the wall of the building behind them is backwards). The film switches to three girls climbing on a haystack, and then stood on the floor.

They get into a car. Another car pulls up with a rowing boat strapped to its roof. Two men get out, launch the boat into the sea, and they paddle off. Then a sailing boat makes its way out of the harbour. A man jumps into the sea, and on the coast a woman and two boys sit with a large dog. Others sit on the shore watching as a powered boat goes past on a river. On board one of the boats a woman and a man pose for the camera, as does another woman with two dogs. A girl splashes about in the water on an inflatable ring. On the boat a dog goes up to the camera.

The film switches to a baby sat in a pram on a street, together with its mother, before the film comes to an end.