Film ID:
YFA 4910



Visitor Tabs


This film was taken following a wedding at St. Mary’s Parish Church in Swillington, West Yorkshire.  Included is footage of the bride, groom, and wedding guests outside the church following the ceremony as well as the wedding reception. 

Sign – St. Mary’s Parish Church, Swillington – All Visitors Welcome

The film opens with everyone posed together outside the church on a sunny day.  There are close-ups of the bride and groom as they individually speak to their guests.  Other wedding guests can be seen taking pictures of the event.  The newlyweds walk hand in hand towards the camera, and the wedding guests shower them in confetti.  The couple kiss and smile for the camera before getting into the car waiting at the side of the road.  (The footage here is taken from inside the vehicle.)  The car drives away and the guests wave off the bride and groom. 

They arrive at the reception all, and the guests make their way into the building.  Inside, the bride and groom meet the guests forming a receiving line, after which, there is footage of the head table and the wedding cake.  The guests are seated for dinner, and the cameraman captures footage of individual members of the crowd. There are also close-ups of champagne and the wedding cake.

Outside, some of the wedding guests decorate the bride and groom’s car, writing, “Just Married” and drawing hearts on the windows.  The film closes as the newlyweds drive off after the reception.