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YFA 2346



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This film, made by a Wakefield-based businessman, captures the wedding day of his daughter. The film includes footage from the very beginning of the day when prospective bride and groom are shown leaving in separate cars for the church through to the end of the day at the busy reception.

The film opens outside the bakery `F.Wilkinson, Bread,' and the camera pans to show three groomsmen getting into a car outside. This is followed by more family members coming out of the building and getting into other wedding cars.

At another house, a couple of women from the bridal party leave the house and get into a car. Another woman is accompanied by a man, possibly her husband, who is dressed in an army officer uniform. Three bridesmaids come out of the house and get into a car. This if followed by shots of the bride coming out of the house and then getting out of the car outside the church.

The newly married couple are shown after the ceremony posing for photographs, and then the guests throw confetti over then as they get into the car.

Following this, the wedding guests get out of their cars and walk up a path and into a building. The next shots are taken inside at the reception where all of the guests are seated along tables that are joined together. There is a very long panning shot all around the room, capturing all of the guests at the reception. Many of them smile at the camera, while some people look away. A woman walks around with a tray of drinks, placing one on every place.

The married couple and their families stand at the top of the room, posing for the camera. They chat and smile.