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NEFA 19723



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An appeals film made for Wayside Home, a residential and nursing home in West Boldon. The film follows two young women who visit the home and meet some of the residents to learn why the home should be supported.

Title: The House Committee Presents

Title: “Wayside”

Title: A Benevolent and Orphan Fund Home

Credit: With Margaret Ainslie as the Young Teacher. Aileen M. Nossiter as the B&O Fund Collector

Credit: and the Matron, Residents and Staff of the Wayside Home West Boldon

Credit: Photography by E. Perry

Credit: Continuity by Anne R. Perry

Credit: Produced by G.R. Davison

Credit: Written and Directed by T.C. Burnham

A triangular road sign with two smaller signs underneath showing a burning torch and the word ‘school’ point the way to Wayside Home. General views of a large modern school building and two women walking past.  

In a classroom, a maths exercise book is marked.Fingers aer crossed.

A classroom of boys stop work and put away their exercise books. They stand beside their desks before marching out of the room. The last boy to leave closes the door behind him.

The film returns to a teacher’s hands. Another woman comes into the classroom and comes across to the female teacher sitting at her desk. She places a sheet of paper on her desk and they begin to chat.

The teacher writes on a card with the name ‘Elwick Terr. J.B. School’ across the top and the name ‘Aileen Nossiter’. A shilling coin sits beside it. Underneath the card a typed written letter, the title across the top reading ‘Wayside Xmas Fund’. The letter explains the need 'for an extra shilling to help the residents of Wayside'.

Title: “The extra donation. Why not come to Wayside and see for yourself?”

The two women chat together.

The film cuts to show a large house behind a wall, a field of stacked hay or straw in the foreground.

A road sign reads ‘West Boldon’ and a double-decker bus speeds along  the road beside it. The bus comes to a stop and passengers get on. The destination of this service is Newcastle.  

The two young women, a teacher and a B&O Fund Collector, walk through a stone entranceway with the name ‘Wayside’ attached to the wall and make their way up a set of steps to the entrance of the house.

The door opens and a nurse invites them inside. They walk upstairs and into a room where they shake hands with the Matron of the home who is sitting at her desk. All three come out of the office and walk next door. Inside the two women remove their hats and begin speaking with an older woman who is sitting in a chair beside a window and bed.

The two women walk downstairs and head into a lounge. One of the woman takes a seat beside another older woman who is knitting while the other goes back outside.

The second woman makes her way through the garden towards another nearby building while the first continues chatting with the woman knitting.

The second woman enters the building and room to speak with a number of older women sitting up in bed. She looks through an album of old photographs with one of the older women before chatting to another about the book she is reading. A third sits in a chair nearby as the woman comes over to speak with her.

Back in the lounge, the young teacher continues speaking with the woman knitting. She is making a scarf and there are examples of her work on the floor beside them which they both look at.

The B&O collector chats with a fourth woman in the bedroom of the other building and looks at examples of the woman’s crochet laid out on the bed.

The film cuts to show a nurse or member of staff in uniform placing plates of bread onto trays laid on a trolley, placing a knitted tea cosy over one of the teapots.

The teacher enters and calls the B & O Fund collector away. They both leave and go downstairs where the nurse pushing the tea trolley approaches. Both women collect a tray and take them upstairs.

Title: Several of our Residents are bedfast, meals are served in their room

The film cuts to show the two young women walking into a room and chatting with a group of older female residents sitting around a table. One of the women pours a cup of tea and offers it to one of the older women. They continue to chat.

On the steps outside the house, the two young women say their goodbyes to three of the residents. As the women walk away, the residents wave goodbye. The two visitors wave back.

Title: Chairman of the Wayside House Committee

A man stands next to a mantelpiece in an office and lights a pipe. He turns and begins to speak to camera.

Title: “Through the eyes of our young Teacher, you have seen a little of life at Wayside…”

Looking into camera the man continues to speak.

Title: … you will appreciate that the unremitting care and constant attention given to these members of our profession is both necessary and costly…

He continues to speak and points his pipe at the camera.

Title:… it is our sincere hope that you will continue and even increase your donations to this most worthy cause.”

The film ends with the man placing his pipe back into his mouth and lighting it.

Title: The End