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An educational and promotional film produced by the Department of Photography Kings College and co-written and directed by Bruce Allsopp looking at what is is like to be a student and what can be studied at King's College, The Newcastle Division of Durham University.

Title: Way of Learning

Title: A Study of King's College, The Newcastle Division of Durham University

Credit: Script by Bruce Allsopp and Dan Jones

Credit: Photography by Ronald W. Ridley. Assisted by Thelma Watts. Sound Transcription by Leevers-Rich

Credit: Music composed by David Barlow and played by a section of the College Orchestra (Leader Leslie G. Richardson). Conducted by Dr Chalmers Burns

Credit: The voices of Patricia Somers Brown and Roger De Gray. Film titles designed by Dorothy Mustart

Credit: The student who passed played by Frank Jenkins and the student who failed played by Peter Willis. With the staff and students as themselves.

Credit: Produced in the Department of Photography Kings College 1953

Credit: Directed by Peter Allsopp

The film begins with the arrival of a new student at King's College followed by him working in a study and finally graduating. The film describes the history and traditions of the college and its connections to the north east of England. There are views of Durham Cathedral, St Paul's Church at Jarrow and Barnard Castle.

The film them explores the many different departments within the university and explains what work or research is being carried out there. Departments that are seen include teacher training in the Educational Department, ambulances entering the Royal Victoria Infirmary where students of the Medical Department are based. There are general views of terraced streets in Newcastle and shots of students working in the Architectural and Civil Engineering Department, and male and female students taking part in a lecture and working in a small group discussing various matters.

From a boat off the coast of Cullercoats near to the Dove Marine Laboratory, students perform water sampling and marine life testing.

In the English Department a man works to put together the latest edition of the 'Annual Bibliography of English Literature and Language'.

In the Department of Naval Architecture students are using a cavitation tunnel to test a ships propeller.

A man carries out scientific experiments in a laboratory in the Botanical Department.

Near to Hadrian's Wall, student work at an archaeological site at Rudchester [Vindobala] in Northumberland, part of the Department of Roman Britain and Archaeology.

In the Department of Mining Engineers a man works inside the recreation of a mine. A new fluorescent light for use in mines is tested in the Department of Industrial Health. More students are seen working in a laboratory in the Department of Public Health.

On a farm in Northumberland students are taught about practical farming. Two men lead a bull across a farmyard. In a field, a dog herds a number of sheep.Students also work with machinery and tractors.

In the Department of Fine Art a man works with glass to create a stained-glass window.

As well as academic studies, the film also looks at students' social activities. Students work on an edition of the college newspaper the 'King's Courier'. A young woman distributes copies outside one of the university buildings. Students take part in a cricket match. On the roof of of the university buildings, two people are fencing. A rowing boat sails under a bridge. Students and lecturers perform as part of an orchestra. Outside there are views of students in the folk dancing club, sword dancing and Morris dancing for their fellow students.

Inside the students union, some students sit around a table talking. In an art studio, students are painting or sculpting a nude model.

A young woman comes out of the library.

In the Haymarket large queues of people stand and wait for buses.

A young female student living at home leaves carrying some books. As she steps out into the back-alley she bumps into a man [her father] and smashes a bottle of milk on the ground in frustration.

The final part of the film looks at the facilities available for female students. A group of young women walk down a staircase at the university. The film also emphasises the importance of international students and two Indian men are seen walking across the quad. One of the big themes of the film is that the college, which in 1953 had 3113 full-time students, isn't big enough for all these students.