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The BBC series Planning for People was about the redevelopment of Bradford. The film questions whether the people of Bradford get a say in the reshaping of their city.

The film opens with a close up of a statue of Sir Titus Salt who designed Saltaire. This is followed by scenes of Saltaire and a view of the city with Barker End Mill in the background. There is an interview with District Councillor Paul Hockney. He argues that the Public are kept in the dark about changes in Bradford. Exterior shot of City Hall followed by interior shot of a large meeting room. There is also an interview with the Chief Executive of the Council followed by views of people at work in the Planning Office. A Council meeting can be seen in progress.

There is an interview with Christopher Vincenzi ,a former Councillor who agrees that Bradford people do not get a say in how to shape their city. Illustration of how difficult it is for members of the public to gain information about planning as we see a man going in to the planning office to ask advice. Additionally there is an interview with the Director of Development Services.

Houses in the Barker End district can be seen. This is where a General Improvement scheme has been implemented to prevent slums and improve the environment of that area. Following this are interviews with the Chief Planning Officer and the Chairman of Development Services. Views of houses having their stone work blasted and a lady in her new improved kitchen. The interviewees tell about improvements being made to kitchens and bathrooms in these homes.

There is a shot of a graveyard. The camera pulls back to reveal a sewerage works. There are also shots of an Old Peoples Home and scenes of new buildings in Bradford. This is followed by footage of the Broadway Shopping Centre and the under pass with a sign to Forster Square. There is also footage of Pollard Park where slums have been cleared leaving 80 acres of open land.

Next are shots of Manningham. The commentator tells us that this is a large immigrant district, and there is footage of the immigrant population around Manningham. This is followed by scenes of rundown Victorian housing. Bradford Council Health Officer talks about the South East Square area. There is footage of dilapidated houses with smashed windows, bulging walls, leaning chimney stacks, poor roofs and broken drains. David Winchurch of the Planning Department walks through Manningham pointing out that the area has potential, particularly the range of different shops not available in the city centre. Shops, a Caribbean restaurant and Indian Sweet shop can be seen. The film closes with scenes of Bradford centre and the new Norfolk Gardens Hotel.

Commentary: Derek Cooper.

Sound: Ted Read, John Pearce.

Photography: Michael Shepherd, Adrian Goddington.

Film Editor: Peter Dunbar.

Written and produced by Gordon Croton.