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YFA 5138



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This is a film of a family at home and taking day trips during the Second World War.  The film is accompanied by playful intertitles, many of which provide location information. 

Title – Don and Nell Chippendale, Nr Kettlewell

Two women, followed by a man, come out of a house, and they pose by the side of a country road.  They walk along the road, messing about for the camera.

Intertitle – Grannie, St Chads Drive – home and garden, 31 Street Lane

There is a brief glimpse of a woman, before cutting to a street with shops and traffic.  This is followed by a garden pond which is surrounded by flower beds.  A car stands in the driveway to the house.

Intertitle – Arnott.  With help digging out pond for the shelter.

A gardener is in the pond which is drained of water.  A small boy helps him to dig it deeper, and there is a pile of rubble at the side of the hole.

Intertitle – What! No fish?

The boy wanders about in the hole with a fishing net.

Intertitle – Uncle Tom’s cabin arrives

A metal shelter arrives on the back of a lorry, and workmen place it in the hole, with the boy looking on ringing a bell.

Intertitle – Hi! Wats going on?

A woman leans out of an upstairs window.  A small girl pushes a pram, and is then pushed whilst inside it, with a doll, by a slightly older boy.  The two of them play with a model traction engine.  The woman tries to get the small girl to walk.  The boy plays while a tyre is changed on the car.  He then plays with the water hose.

Intertitle – Sportsmans Arms and playground Wath.

The two children are sitting in the car, and next they can be seen on the swings in the garden of the Sportsmans Arms Hotel.  The woman joins the boy on the swing, and has a go herself, as does the man.  The boy plays with a see-saw.

Intertitle – Come on puss, home you go.  Farm and Kennels, Wath.

They visit a farm with cows, with the boy playing with a dog and cat.  He then places the cat in his back garden, where it plays with another cat.

Intertitle – Let’s go for a walk with Lucas to the Gouthwaite Reservoir.

The small girl waits in her pram, with the shade up and then down.  Two women take the girl in the pram for a walk, with the small boy running behind.  The woman and man, together with the boy, pose near the reservoir.  There is a panorama of the reservoir.

Intertitle – The dam builders.

The boy makes a dam in a small mountain stream.  Three light aircraft fly overhead.

Intertitle – Mrs Gaunt with Betty & ‘Ben’ Ramsgill

The woman visits another couple, accompanied by a Labrador.

Intertitle – Temple Newsam

The woman and man walk through some gardens, (presumably of the historic estate).

Intertitle – Scarborough, with the last free petrol

The woman walks out of a house, and there is a view over the bay.  Waves crash against the sea walls.  A woman files her nails in the car.

Intertitle – Winter 1940, Roundhay Park, Michael first time on ice

Many people are out skating on the ice in Roundhay Park.  The small boy runs around in his wellington boots.  The park is covered in snow, and icicles hang from a shed.

Intertitle – High jinks

Back in summer, the woman attaches a small trailer onto the back to a toy peddle car for the boy, while the girl pushes a toy lawn roller.  They play in the garden with a black and white Cocker Spaniel.  There is also a black cat.

Intertitle – Elizabeth & Lucas

The boy and girl are playing out in the sunshine.

Intertitle – Todd’s farm, Wike Ridge

The two children are playing at the farm, with a woman (their mother?).  The girl gets a flying angel from a man (her dad?).  The children squat down with some chickens.

Intertitle – Winter 1941.  ‘Wiskers’ winter sports

The girl sits in her pram.  A man clears a path in the snow, helped by the boy.  The woman plays with the Cocker Spaniel, and has a snowball fight with the boy.

Intertitle – Winter 1942.  The children & Muzzy

The children have a snowball fight.  A tram stands in a snow covered street.  The woman joins them in the snow.  The film switches to summer, with the small girl shovelling earth into a small wheelbarrow.  They are joined by a woman and play by a river, and have a picnic.

Intertitle – Water babies, Arncliffe

The two children are now playing by another river.  They are joined by another boy.

Intertitle – Summer 1944.  Jim Crow joins the family.

A crow perches on the outstretched arm of the boy.  He sits on the grass with the crow on one arm and the Cocker Spaniel on his other side, with two small girls sitting next to him, one of them holding a black cat.

Intertitle – Hi! Let me out of here

A dog (part bulldog) jumps out of a car, accompanied by a woman and a teenage girl, who are then joined by other women and teenage girls.  They go to a small outdoor swimming pool, and the girl and woman play with the dog.  This is interspersed with film of a black cat in the back garden.