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YFA 1232



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This film contains a variety of footage including shots of a couple with wedding rings, airplanes and water-skiing in Scarborough. There are shots from several locations around Scarborough including: Scarborough Bay, Peasholme Park, and the lighthouse.

This film opens with brief shots of waves crashing over railings on the sea front and then it cuts to people unloading goods from a milk float.

In the next scene a young couple are sitting at a table trying on wedding rings; there is a close-up shot of the rings. They place rings on one another's fingers and kiss. A mother, grandmother and child are seated around a table; the camera pans round a large group, which includes the young couple. The shots cut to children on the pavement, focusing on their shoes. One girl stops and removes her footwear.

There are some shots of what appear to be superimposed writing on a chalk board. The words are illegible, upside down and back to front. These images are superimposed over a view of a side of a house and then it cuts to a scene of cattle standing on a hill next to a lake, silhouetted against the sun.

The next shots are of snow covered trees and blank film which fades into a very underexposed piece in which people are visible moving about. The shot cuts to shots of aircraft on a runway, again very underexposed. There are shots of some planes which are taking off, in the air landing and stationary.

The next section consists of long sequence of people water-skiing around Scarborough Harbour. A man goes around and around the harbour, skiing on one and two skis. There are many shots of the water-skiers taken from different angles and various distances. There are also shots of the speed boat drivers, one including a close-up shot of hands steering the boat.

There are some shots of the people performing tricks on water-skies: little jumps and balancing on one leg. In one sequence a man is water-skiing in the lake in Scarborough Park, as the floating bandstand is visible in the background.

There is a lingering shot of some men and women standing on Scarborough pier and watching the water-skiing. There are some close-ups of the people and a couple of them get into shot and smile at the camera. A lighthouse is visible in the background.