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YFA 1258



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This film contains footage of female and male water-skiers in South Bay and Peasholme Park in Scarborough. There are shots of the people doing tricks on their water-skies, a woman showing how to water-ski and shots of the second camera which is position on another speed boat.

This film appears to open where film number 1232 finished. A man water-skies around the harbour with the coastline of Scarborough town in the background. Then there are shots of a man and a woman skiing. Following this is a shot of a man who is floating in the water waiting for the boat to pull him along; he emerges in a big splash of water. There is a large crowd of spectators gathered on the edge of the pier. This time the camera is in the back of the speed boat so the shots are very close up and very wobbly.

In the next scene is another boat pulling two people and then only one person. Following that the camera is back in another boat following the pulling boat so that the shots are much further away from the skiers.

At one stage the woman kicks off her second ski, puts both feet on the one ski and continues on. One of the men starts to do some moves and twists and falls into the water.

A woman in a bathing suit gets into the skis and poses to show the camera how to water ski; a man beside her talks to the camera as she does it. Then he helps her get into the water and the camera can see her technique. A man starts water-skiing with one ski just off a pier in Peasholme Park; he falls into the water. The camera is in the pulling boat at this stage.

Another two women in bathing suits are being pulled along in the water, the camera is filming the boat which is pulling them and a cameraman can also be seen filming close-up shots from the other boat. The two women start to weave back and forth and under each other ropes.