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YFA 4814



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Part of the Blenheim C S School collection, this film documents a school trip the Lake District during Easter, 1963. It includes footage of the camp as well as some of the activities in with the boys took part.

The film opens with the boys, dressed in plain clothes, climbing hills in the Lake District (Waterside camping grounds, and Ullswater). The camera lingers on the view down the hill and across the valley after the boys have passed. Boys are running about on hillside, and there are patches of snow on the ground. They throw snow balls at one another. The boys run down the hillside and passed the camera, which watches them run further down the hill.

Now in Ullswater, the students are in their swimming trunks and lifejackets. They stand on a dock by a lake, watching a man in a kayak which is half in, half out of the water. His paddle is on the shore next to him, and he is clearly giving them a lesson. In the next shot he is on the water, paddling the kayak as the boys watch. The boys load their kayaks into the lake, some are already in them, and they paddle out on the lake. The camera focuses on a pair of boys who are having trouble getting in to their kayak, but they set off rather shakily. There is footage of the boys paddling around the lake.

In a wooded area, the boys are sitting on a slope. The camera is behind them, watching a teacher build the frame for a shelter out of branches. The camera pans across the boys faces, and they don't look convinced. Teacher and a student cover the shelter frame with dead ferns.

Next there is a country lane with a T junction. A dry stone wall and fence lead off in to the distance, but the view is blocked by a green van parked at the top of the junction. A group of four schoolboys, carrying rucksacks, cross the road in front of the van and pass the camera.

It is now getting dark, and a small group of boys walk across the fields to where some others have already pitched two small tents. As the first group pass by those with their tents already set up wave and show them off to the camera. Two boys crawl inside their tent. The camera moves to other group of boys who are attempting to pitch their tents and on to yet another group who are still looking for a good site. Two boys light spirit lamps. From a vantage poin, the camera pans across the groups with their tents in various stages of readiness.