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YFA 4732



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This film, made by Harrogate-based filmmaker Fred Brackenbury, is from the Nowell collection and contains a mixture of footage from a trip by the Brackenbury's to the country, a performance by Morris Dancers and the children on Goldsborough farm in Knaresborough.

The camera is positioned at different angles watching a fast flowing river pour down through the rocks and out of shot.

A woman, possibly Mrs Brackenbury, stands beside two pigs in a field and waves her fingers at them. Then there are shots of men, women and children sitting on the rocks beside the river, having picnics and enjoying the weather.

Many people have parked their cars in a field and some boys and men play cricket beside them. In another part of the field, two couples play tennis.

The next section opens with a sign for `Yorke Arms Ramsgill', the `RAC' and `The AA'.

A group of Morris Dancers perform for a crowd of spectators. They dance in and out and perform complicated steps while swinging handkerchiefs. Afterwards, a Morris Dancer goes around collecting money from the spectators in a collecting pot.

In the following section there is a sign for `Goldsborough' on a train platform. A woman and a young girl walk past a flower bed which is in full bloom and go over to the bench; a train is visible on the tracks and there is a shot of the nearby church and local roads.

The young girl stands up at a hedge and pets a donkey (there are two in the field). In another field are some cows and their calves.