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YFA 788



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Part of the Kathleen Lockwood collection, this film shows some reservoirs in Yorkshire as well as mentioning a drought caused by the long hot summer of 1975.

Title-Water, water, everywhere...

Title-Local reservoirs in the seventies 1971.


The film opens with a shot on the top of a hill looking down onto the reservoir; the camera pans across to take in the entire length of it.


Again the camera is on a height looking down and along the length of the reservoir.

Title-The drought summer 1975.

There is a shot of a newspaper clipping which reads `Friday October 10, 1975'.

Title-Emergency lines now major supply source.

Title-From Boshaw Whams to Holme Styes Reservoir.

There are shots of scrub land surrounding a reservoir and small sailing boats that have been pulled up onto the land.

There is a close up of a water pump and pipeline that is coming from the reservoir and being varied away. There are shots of the pipeline running all along a road and along the streets of a village.

There are shots of another reservoir and then of a newspaper clipping which mentions the `extremely low level of the Holme Styes Reservoir'.

Title-Where the bomb fell-

Title-On Dec. 22nd 1940.

There are shots of a rough piece of land beside a reservoir.

Title-The reservoir overflows Jan. 6th 1976.

Another shot from a height looking onto a reservoir; the camera pans along.

Title-the drought 1976.


A shot from a hill on the side of the reservoir.


There are shots from different angles looking at the reservoir; it is surrounded by a forest.


The camera zooms in on two traffic cones with lights on the top of them; they are on the side of a country road.

Title-Holme Styes Nov. 7th.

Shots from a distance away capture the entire reservoir. There are close up shots of the water running down stone steps into another section of the reservoir. There are stone towers around the edge and a stone jetty-style object reaching into the reservoir.

There are a couple of house built beside the road that runs alongside the reservoir and a couple of people stand at the wall looking into the water.

Title-Filmed and Produced by Kathleen M. Lockwood.