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A tour of the moorland around Upper Teesdale and an analysis of the potential impact of the proposed Cow Green Reservoir development, required to meet the sponsor's needs at its chemical factories. The film was produced by the ICI Agricultural Division Film Unit in 1966. Examples of rare flora growing in the valley are shown and naturalists' opinions about the effect of flooding are given.

Title: Water for Tees-Side

The River Tees flows under a bridge, possibly the Croft Road Bridge or Piercebridge Bridge. Views of picturesque riverside scenery follow.

There is a shot of Barnard Castle from south west of the bridge.

Water bubbles and froths over rocks and flows around wide meanders.

A map of the Tees and its tributaries is shown. The area’s reservoirs appear one by one, in synchronisation with the commentary: Hury, Blackton, Grassholme, Selset, and Balderhead.

ICI Billingham chimneys and cooling towers stand high on the horizon of a wide-angle shot of the factory. Three men carry a pipe. A crane moves a metal frame. A lorry dumps a load of earth on a muddy building site. A Wimpey yellow bulldozer drives by. A team of men measure a section of concrete pipe.

Returning to the map of the Tees Valley, the region’s important nature reserves are highlighted: Teesdale National Nature Reserve and Cronkley Fell, Moor House National Nature Reserve. An area, 'specified by naturalists [...] as one of general botanical importance', is also highlighted.

The next sequence records close-ups of various rare flowers: the Teesdale, or Sand Violet; the Gentian; the Bird’s Eye Primrose.

Cow Green appears on the map.

There is an overhead view of the landscape around Wynch Bridge. A close-up of a road sign for High Force, is followed by a view of the waterfall itself.

The camera pans across the landscape surrounding Cronkley Bridge and fixes on a Pennine Way sign. Harwood Beck joins the Tees.

The landscape transforms into rugged scenery along a stretch of the Tees upstream from Widdybank Farm. Eventually the film reaches wild and remote Cauldron Snout. Water rushes over the rocks at the waterfall.

There are long panoramic views of the moorland around Cow Green, where a new reservoir is planned. The shot features the abandoned buildings of Cow Green mine.

Again the map of Teesdale is shown, and the proposed area for development of the Cow Green Reservoir appears.

Credit: Produced by Agricultural Division Film Unit
Credit: ICI logo