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Made as part of the Yorkshire Media Consortium project, this documentary examines the changes to a large housing estate near Castleford prior to demolition work.

Warwick Within

Title-One to One Productions

Title-This film shows the impact of the demolition of 121 houses on the top end of the Warwick Estate and its effect on the community. Filming began in February 2000.

The film opens with local band, the Buddhists playing a gig in the estate; there are images being projected up onto the wall of a house. Young people are gathered together and there are shots of various forms of entertainment on the estate.

Title-Warwick Within

Several men talk about when they first moved into the new estate in the 1960s and 1970s; they discuss how cosmopolitan and lively it was.

There are a few moments of archive footage showing the estate and children dressed up as characters and running around the houses.

A couple talk about the working man's club that used to exist on a plot of land; they remember how friendly and welcoming everybody was. Some other men show their membership cars which they kept all through the years.

Some of the men blame the demise of the estate on Mrs Thatcher and job losses; they say drugs then became a problem in the estate.

Clyton Devanny, singer with the Buddhists, talks about why he thinks the housing estate has got into the bad state and talks about what people think of Warwick. Another man talks about what eh paid for his house when he first moved in and the low amount that he is being offered for his house now.

Builders are on the estate with their bulldozers; one of the builders says that the houses are really good quality and it's a pity that they have to knock them down. Some kids watch them work and say that they feel sad as they have some good memories of living there.

Another member of the community says that she used to organise a fair each year so that people could be rewarded for their help in the estate throughout the year. This is followed by shots of The Buddhists again.

Some children are playing in a sand pit in an outdoor play centre; they say that they enjoy the peace and quiet and the fun activities. In the next shot, some locals have gathered for a community meeting to discuss the problems of the area and possible solutions.

It is Christmastime and locals have gathered in the centre of the estate; a local MP makes a speech and then turns on the Christmas lights. Father Christmas walks around giving young and old gifts.

Title-At the time of editing this programme 94 houses still remain waiting for demolition

Shots taken from inside the local pub; people sit around drinking and talking. A woman stands on a stage and sings for them; some of them are singing along with her.

Title-At the time of editing this programme the Tenants and Residents Association meet on the last Thursday of every month with the Local Authorities, SRB representatives and other agencies. New members welcome.

Shots of several young people wandering around and eating chips from paper.

Title-At the time of editing this programme the community shop enters its second year.

More shots of Father Christmas giving gifts to people.

Title-At the time of editing this programme, Warwick Adventure Playground is to re-open with a new community campus.

Title-At the time of editing this programme the tenants and Residents Association are seeking planning permission to open a skate park. A programme of arts and social activities are being planned for young people. Both on the top of the estate.

There are more shots from inside the pub.

Title-Thank you to all the people on the Warwick Estate who have supported and contributed to the making of this film.

Title-The Buddhists for original music and performances.

Title-Derek Malcolm and Paula Clarke for 8mm film

Title-Production Team-Judi Alston, Andy Wieks, Neal Addy, Tom Way.

Title-Additional sound track-Sid Simer, Tony Nicholson

Title-A One to One Production 2000

Title-Funded by the National Lottery, Wakefield WMDC Museums and Arts

Title-Supported by The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, made as part of A4E Contemporary Video Collection.