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This film documents parades and memorial days in Sheffield during and after the Second World War including visits from the Duke of Kent and Mrs. Churchill.  The film uses intertitles giving further identification and context to the events, and some duplicate footage which can also be found in YFA 3142 Sheffield V.E. Day/Indian Victory Parade Visits Sheffield.  

Title – Tudor Films
Title – Some notable war-time events in Sheffield
Title – The Duke of Kent, June, 1942

The Duke of Kent and other military leaders stand on the steps of the city hall.  They give a salute before the Duke goes over to speak to some of the spectators standing near the cameraman.  

Title – 1943
Title – Wings for Victory
Title – Mrs. Churchill with Air-Commodore Murray and Wing Commander Gibson, V.C.
Title – Takes the Salute (Sheffield, 29th May, 1943)

Mrs. Churchill and the two military commanders walk down the steps to a small platform set up for the procession to pass on this sunny day.  The crowd on either side of the steps applauds.  The military procession begins.  It is led by two men on horseback and a marching band.  The band plays during the whole procession from in front of the platform set up for Mrs. Churchill and the commanders.  Different military units pass in the procession including men and women’s units, nurses from the Red Cross, and veterans.  At the end of the procession, the May Queen briefly joins the people on stage.  Crowds of spectators who line the streets can also be seen.   

Title - Indian Victory Parade Contingent Visits Sheffield (18th June, 1946)

A parade of soldiers marches through the city. The parade is led by to men on horseback. Each military unit marches in their own group, wearing their different uniforms and medals. One unit play brass instruments as they march.

Title - Soon followed another proud event

A man with a fake beard is writing on a blackboard:  Sheffield Tramways Jubilee 1946 Mum this is where I be going.

There are shots of Sheffield City Centre as a tram passes. It has an advertisement for Bombay Tea Company of the side. A civic procession makes its way across the street.

Title - Travelling at characteristic governmental speed, the Minister of Transport holds the reins

Holding the reins of the horse-drawn tram, the Minister poses for the camera before the tram drives off. In a staged event, a man hops on and off the tram.

Title - "How did I know you'd have a licence?"

The man then storms off past the camera.

Title – So we pass to the adventures of another kind.
Title – U.S.S.R. Members of the Supreme Soviet Visit Sheffield, March 1947

A group of men, filmed in a close shot, stand and chat in a group.  Some wear overcoats while others are dressed in military uniform.

Title – 1947 – A strange bird descends on Sheffield

A few men are gathered near the cockpit of the helicopter.

Title - Finally, before the first venture into the air, 'last' photographs were taken

A group of men pose for a picture by the helicopter.

Title - Then came the dramatic announcement that the Lord Mayor himself (Ald. Gascoigne) would be the first to go up

There is a brief shot of the Lord Mayor followed by a shot of three actors who are standing near shrubbery.

Title - "No 'arm to 'im, I'm sure, but he weren't too nice about it when I wanted to squat i' Town Hall"

The actor adjusts his fake beard.

Title – Fly?  Impossible!  Where’s the runway?
Title - "Anyway, he's a sport. Look!"

The helicopter takes off, and the huge crowd which has gathered can be seen. It then hovers in the air and flies lowly over the crowd. The actors look scared as the helicopter manoeuvres in the sky.

Title - Our experts, however, were not to be deceived
Title - "It's your Indian Rope Trick over again. All a Delusion!"

Shot of helicopter.

Title - "It's all done my MIRRORS"
Title - Chump!

The bearded man is convinced the helicopter's ability to fly is just a trick.

The female actor pushes her male counterpart into the bushes.

Title - "Now it's your turn to rise, professor. Or do you need a runway?"

The Indian soldier goes over to speak to the professor who has been pushed into the bushes.

Title - Thus was History made: the first Lord Mayor and Town Clerk, as such, to fly by helicopter
Title - Leaving them to hover in their beloved skies, we turn to another form of 'suspended animation'
Title - In Sheffield 16th July 1947 - TRIBUTE
Title - After 188 years' service, the 2nd Bn. Y.&L. Regt. Is placed in "suspended animation"

A military parade proceeds to march past in the streets of Sheffield. They parade past Cockaynes, and the soldiers carry rifles on their shoulders. They march in formation and stop outside a building where they salute. There is also a military brass band. The Lord Mayor then marches past the cinema. Shirley Temple Two Men and a Girl is the movie which is currently playing. The Lord Mayor then inspects the troops which stand at attention.

Title - But their spirit goes marching on

The soldiers march off after inspection.

Title – The End.