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NEFA 20407



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An amateur film made by Walter Gowland of Hartlepool showing views in and around Ward Jackson Park in Hartlepool and Hartlepool itself, a family visit to a stately home in Derbyshire and ends at Aysgarth Falls in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire.

The film opens in Ward Jackson Park in Hartlepool with views of a pavilion and flower beds. Children play on swings, slides and a roundabout.

A cement mixer can be seen in the grounds of a school. Traffic is travelling along a suburban road.

Peter and Noreen Gowland walk along a seawall with a view of a small boats in the harbour.

There are various views around Hartlepool including Victoria Road near to the Hartlepool Grand Hotel, the statue of Ward Jackson next to Holy Trinity Church and West Hartlepool Library. Views of traffic at a junction.

A road sign reads “Chatsworth Street Derbyshire”. General views of the exterior of a building and garden. Travelling shot showing views of the countryside as seen from a bus. Noreen, Peter and Keith get off the bus and look around a village.

The film cuts to show views of Aysgarth Falls near Leyburn in North Yorkshire. Noreen and the boys look down onto the fall from the road bridge. Traffic moves down Church Bank past crowds of people. There are views of St Andrews Church in Aysgarth.

Two women stand in a car park. The film ends with a shot of another waterfall, possibly Force Gill or Cote Gill.