Film ID:
YFA 5333



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Made by Edward Warburton, this is a film of various family events including three weddings as well as a rugby match.

The film begins with a rugby match between two teams both in striped shirts.  Then there is a formal dinner followed by portraits of several people (with an overexposed shot of a baby).

Intertitle - 'Strathmore Studios' presents 'The Secrets of the Orme'

This seems to be a visit to relatives.

Intertitle – Auntie said. . YES

A man and a woman are in the front garden of a house.

Intertitle – So after an enjoyable and eventful holiday we left for home.

A group of people leave a house and set off on a car journey.

Intertitle – 18 October 1947, St James Church, Birch-in-Rusholme, Manchester.

Guests arrive for a wedding, and the newlyweds are covered in confetti as they get into their waiting car.  The guests are shown having a good time at the reception. 

Intertitle – The End

Intertitle – Bridlington

Several groups of people are walking along streets, and there are close ups of the women and men on the seafront.

Intertitle - 'George and Barbara'

There is another wedding.  Guests arrive, and the newlyweds pose for photographs.  The couple leave the reception and get into the waiting car.  They are followed by footage of the guests and kissing. 

Intertitle - Hexham

At a third wedding, the bride poses holding a bouquet of flowers.  There are then further photograph shots of the newlyweds, family and other guests outside the church. 

Intertitle – The End.

The film switches to a small boy with two women who are making sandcastles on a beach.  There is a view onto an unknown bay.  The small boy walks out with a bucket and spade.  He is next on a fairground ride before the film comes to an end.