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YFA 2298



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This is a series of films made by Chapeltown dentist Willie Thorne that have been put together.  They show the visit by the King and Queen to Sheffield in 1941, and, in Chapeltown near Sheffield, War Weapon's Week, a Home Guard exercise, a Thanksgiving Parade, a football match and children sledging in Chapeltown Park.  It also shows Ladybower Reservoir shortly after opening in 1945.

(Col.) The film opens in Chapeltown with soldiers marching along whilst the villagers stand around and watch, with posters in the background exhorting poeple to 'Join the ATS', 'Save Fuel', and 'Dig for Now'.

(B&W) The there are fire fighting and Home Guard exercises taking place in the streets. There is a mock battle, with soldiers lying on the ground with machine guns, while others duck behind a Newton Chambers van.  There are gun battles and hand-to-hand combat, while an officer provides a running commentary for the onlooking crowd.  At the end some of the soldiers do a mock Nazi salute as they march off.

(Col.) A football match takes place in a field, with factory chimneys in the background. A cup is presented to the winning captain by a woman, and several of the winning side, wearing green tops, pose for the camera.

The film switches Sheffield city centre, where a crowd lines the streets for the arrival of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.  In the background are the Fleur De Lis Forces Canteen, S A Turvey ‘Furrier’ and the Victoria Cafe. They are driven down Fargate in an open top car and wave to the huge crowd that stand on the pavements, and who then disperse after the royal cars have passed. 

The film switches to Ladybower Reservoir where there is a plaque commemorating the opening by King George VI on 25th September 1945.

A Thanksgiving and Sailor's Day Parade then takes place at Chapeltown. There are many floats, one for West Riding farmers 1944, others with models on top such as a plane and a church.

The next sequence has another parade involving the villagers as they gather at Chapeltown Park on a sunny day, with a fair and lots of games.

(B&W)  Children have a ride on a miniature railway.  A band leads a parade of chuildren across a park.

(Col.)  A service at the bandstand is held before a fire-fighting competition takes place. Later a German bomber plane is shown being transported in bits down a residential street.  The film switches to winter and a poster for Chapeltown Snow Sports, with children sledging down the hill at Chapeltown Park and the film closes with flooding in the Park.