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YFA 2294



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This is a film made by Chapeltown dentist Willie Thorne of War Weapons Week at Grenoside, near Sheffield, which was held to raise money for the troops. It was made by a local dentist who filmed other such activities in the village throughout World War Two. The film shows a parade including all main branches of the war effort from the Army to firemen, scouts and guides, all of whom are led by a brass band.

The opening shot in this film shows a sign rested against a wall which reads, 'War weapon week. June 21st-28th. Our aim: £2500. Save for the brave.'

A motor bike leads a brass band, followed by soldiers and members of the home guard, who march along a country road. Also participating in the parade are military police, service woman, scouts, children, firemen, and vehicles including fire trucks and medic vans. The gathered crowd is then captured by the filmmaker; young girls stand around talking, and a small boy waves a flat cap at the camera. Another crowd of spectators are lined up along pavement, and many hold union jacks as the procession makes its way through the town of Grenoside.

In the town square, children play outside a mobile cinema and a man enters a shop. A man wearing glasses looks intently at a piece of paper on his desk. Next, a large white board mounted to a wall reads, 'fill the sky with night fighters', and the man places a black cut out of a plane next to several others already positioned on the board. Two men play a piano and violin to a group of children. Then, the filmmaker cuts to a large group of schoolchildren in a playground. A schoolteacher shakes a bag and a girls pulls out a piece paper which she then holds up to the camera, however the writing is illegible. A man, presumably a teacher at the school, hands something to another man, the filmmaker then cuts to a close up of some onions on the table.