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YFA 3716



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Made by Bill Freeman, this film contains a variety of footage from the 1950s including scenes of Hilderthrope Primary School, Bridlington Spa, and a school sports day.

The first portion of the film is unedited footage of a film called "On the Warpath." The film opens with children, wearing hats, standing on the lawn, and dancing in a circle. The filmmaker holds up a board: Scene 5 Take 1. There are many takes of the children running around and dancing on the lawn. The youngest child runs into a building and comes back out holding a woman's hand. Following this is more footage of the children on the front lawn acting out a fake battle.

Board: Scene 34 Take 1
Two men run from a tent, through the woods, and to the school. The children are still in costume and point to something in the distance. Some of the children stand on each other's shoulders inside a green tube, and they are picked up by the men from the tent. The rest of the footage includes shots of: children on the lawn, men taking things out of a tent and a boy is sitting outside it, two boys sitting in a ditch, one running away and coming back with a package.

The next portion of the film is shot in Black and White.

Title - Hilderthorpe County Primary School Bridlington

A male teacher blows a whistle, and the children line up in the playground. They play sports outside including netball. Other students play with skipping ropes and a football. The children get together in a group, linking hands and walking around the playground

Now in the classroom, the children can be seen playing with toys, sitting at their desks and colouring, and later helping to decorate a Christmas tree. Seated at their desks, the children make ornaments to hang on the tree.

Next, the teacher plays a song on the piano, and there are close-ups of the children's faces as they sing along. Lunch is served; there is a brief shot of some of the students eating before the children go back outside. School Trip to Sewerby: The children walk out of school gates, two girls look at flowers, and others look into the cages which house guinea pigs. The class then make their way back to school, and the children walk two by two down the sidewalk.

At Bridlington Spa, the Freeman children are riding on a train ride at the seaside, and later they eat ice cream cones. Susan and Robert play in the garden, sitting inside homemade tent. (Clotteshorse Tent, Savage Road)

At a Zoo in Southampton, the children are on an amusement ride. They then make their way to see all the animals including, swans, lama, reindeer, fish in pond, monkeys, parrots, and rabbits.

Colour - There is a shot of an exterior of a building before a train waiting at platform. A woman walks around the garden. Next there is footage of a train ride ending at the New Romney Station RHDR The world's Smallest Public Railway.

Title - The End

B&W - It is Hilderthorpe Sports Day, and many of the students take part in the track and field events. There are many students seated at the side lines, and teachers organize and judge the events. There are many different types of races which take place.

Colour - The last section of the film ends with a trip to the Lade District. A boy runs past cars and then climbs on a stone wall in the countryside. There is scenic footage of the surrounding landscape.

The film ends with footage of the men in a tent which was to be part of the film "On the Warpath!"